Meghan Markle Drama Escalates: Royals ‘Enraged’ & ‘Exhausted’ As Dad Drags Queen Into The Mix, Per ‘Page Six’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The Meghan Markle family drama seems to have no end. Because although her dad, Thomas, maintained his silence for some short months, he was recently back with another interview, both in print and on Good Morning Britain. Of course, Thomas has a friend and confidante in TV personality Piers Morgan. The two men maintain that Meghan has “ghosted” both of them, as Piers appears to encourage and defend Thomas’ continued media presence.

But of all the interviews and things Thomas Markle has said in the past, his newest statement about the Queen seems to have struck a nerve, according to Page Six.

“I would appreciate anything she (the Queen) can do. I would think she would want to resolve the family problems. All families, royal or otherwise, are the same and they should be together – certainly around the holidays.”

Could this finally be Thomas “going too far”? A source reported that the royals think so, and not only that, his latest public interview has left them “enraged and yet exhausted” with the dad.

“The Queen is a dignified woman. Even if she disagreed with the way her grandson’s wife or indeed her staff were dealing with the matter, she would certainly not become involved on this level.”

This comes as reports suggest that the Queen had planned on intervening in the family drama months ago. However, a source revealed that Meghan did not wish for an intervention, thus nothing was actually done, per a previous report from the Inquisitr.

The rumor is that Meghan thought she could handle the problem on her own. But as the family drama continues to draw a ton of embarrassing and negative attention to the royals, it’s hard to know if there will be anything done about it.

And if the royals were to intervene in the family drama, it could be difficult to know what the intervention would really mean. Perhaps it would mean Meghan finally reaching out to her father? Whatever the case, everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter. There’s a group of people who can’t believe Meghan would continue to maintain her silence towards her dad, while others believe people should let her do what she wants because it is her family and choice.

With all that being said, it’s not just Thomas that’s causing a scene. Half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr., along with nephew Tyler Dooley are consistently in the media as well.