Rob Lowe Shares The Wildly Inappropriate Gift He Bought His Stepmom When He Was 8-Years-Old

Naomi Kennedy

Actor Rob Lowe has taken on some seriously funny roles throughout his illustrious acting careers, but there was nothing funny about the Christmas gift he bought his stepmother when he was younger.

The Parks & Recreation actor looked incredibly dapper in an all-black ensemble accented with a grey tie when the Daily Mail reported he appeared as a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show for it's Christmas edition and shared the very important lesson to "be careful what you buy," which he learned when he was just 8-years-old.

Rob continued his story, telling the talk show host that it was his first time Christmas shopping "like an adult," and for his new stepmother at that, as his father had just recently remarried. Then he dropped the bomb, revealing the incredibly risque gift that he thought would be perfect for his new family member.

"I bought her what I thought was great, they were edible panties," Rob revealed, following up with some explanation as to why he made such an inappropriate decision.

"As an 8-year-old, I'm thinking, 'These are amazing, you can eat them and they're strawberry, she is going to love these'," Rob reasoned to the show's host and audience.

Lowe told the celebrity news outlet that he was already sporting some of her pieces that Sheryl had made for him exclusively, but decided to create the entire collection after people began questioning where to buy one for their own. Now the West Wing star and his sons wear some of Sheryl's bling, and so does an impressive list of celebrities that includes Zac Efron, Gerard Butler, and Robert Downey Jr.

Lowe will also take on the role of executive producer for the six-part crime series that will air on ITV in 2019.