‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Tantalizing Teasers From Colton Underwood’s First Night Of Filming Emerge

Craig SjodinABC

The 2019 premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor featuring Colton Underwood is only days away now and intriguing spoilers are emerging about what viewers can expect. There have been teasers coming out about how the season ends, but now some behind-the-scenes tidbits about the first night of filming have become available too.

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly got to join the crew as they filmed the premiere of Colton Underwood’s journey. Now, she’s revealing some Bachelor spoilers regarding how that first night went and how the crew seems to be approaching this upcoming season.

As viewers know, Underwood was still a virgin heading into his Bachelor season and fans can expect this to be a topic that is mentioned quite frequently. In fact, show creator Mike Fleiss apparently was pushing to get Colton to say he hoped to lose his virginity during this season as host Chris Harrison interviewed him during that first night of filming.

However, Colton apparently wouldn’t go down that road. Instead, he apparently maintained that his primary goal was to end this Bachelor season engaged.

Every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, some fans are disappointed in the network’s pick as the lead. That is the case with Colton as well, as there were plenty of show fans who wanted either Jason Tartick or Blake Horstmann. However, Fleiss maintains that Underwood was the right pick, noting that he’s an All-American guy who gave them the best shot at getting plenty of romance and drama.

Apparently, Colton was noticably nervous as the first limo of ladies arrived that first night of filming in September. While the limo exits are not always shown during the premiere in the same order they are filmed, it seems that a lady named Demi was the first to meet Colton and she noted that she hasn’t dated a virgin since she was 12.

A bachelorette named Kirpa went with an opening line that was deemed too suggestive by the broadcast-standards rep, and even Underwood apparently thought her approach was a bit much. Another bachelorette greets Colton while wearing a sloth costume, noting how he likes to take things slowly, and there’s a bit about how the Bachelor star likes to go commando as another gal introduces herself.

After Colton met the women, Fleiss tried to get Harrison to ask another virginity question. The host initially avoided asking it, but did so later and the Bachelor star seemingly played along. Chris later noted that he doesn’t always go with what the producers suggest, adding that he’s trying to avoid having Underwood’s virginity become essentially a “cocktail joke.”

Filming started around 8 p.m. on that September night, and it’s just after 11 p.m. when Colton starts chatting with the ladies during the cocktail party. Per the Inquisitr, Tayshia Adams orchestrates a “county fair” for her one-on-one time with Underwood, while Fleiss calls the first bachelorette to talk to Colton a “ratings killer” as she’s annoying in his mind. According to gossip guru Reality Steve via Twitter, that contestant is named Tracy Shapoff.

The first kiss of the season happens about 45 minutes into the cocktail party, and Bachelor spoilers tease that the producers were a bit stunned to see it happen so quickly. It looks as if it may have been Tayshia who got that first kiss, but everybody will have to stay tuned to see if that’s the case.

By 1:50 a.m. Underwood is kissing his third bachelorette and the first impression rose is handed out at 4:45 in the morning. 5:16 a.m. brings the first tears of the premiere night of filming as a gal named Nicole frets about whether she’ll get a rose. Group photos are taken at 5:58 a.m., and then everybody is lined up for the first rose ceremony.

That first rose ceremony took about 30 minutes to film, as the producers move things along slowly so they can catch all of the nervous looks and anxiety on camera. The rejected ladies spend a few minutes doing exit interviews, and production wraps things up around 7 a.m.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers for the season, Colton Underwood does find love with one of these 30 ladies. However, it won’t be a smooth journey and viewers seemingly have a lot to look forward to as it all plays out. ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 premiere airs on Monday, January 7, and people are anxious to get started.