‘B&B’ Spoilers For Monday, December 24 Reveal Why Hope & Liam Need Maya To Say Yes

Cliff Lipson / Gilles ToucasCBS

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, December 24 reveal that Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam (Scott Clifton) will approach Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). They have a rather urgent request to make of Maya and she has the power to veto their plans.

Hope and Liam are proud expectant parents. Hope has already proved that she is going to be a protective mom since she refuses to have her daughter anywhere near Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). Liam is already the father of Kelly (Zoe Pennington) and realizes how much hard work a baby can be.

Bearing this in mind, Liam and Hope will make a significant request of Maya, per Highlight Hollywood. Since Hope is in the final stages of her pregnancy and their focus seems to be on their family at the moment, it seems as if the request could tie in with the birth of their daughter.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via She Knows Soaps, indicate that Liam and Hope want to name their daughter Elizabeth. In doing so, they will be honoring Brooke Logan Forester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) mother Elizabeth Henderson Logan who died in a drowning accident.

Of course, Brooke will be very touched when she hears that the couple wants to honor her mother this way. Elizabeth was a single mother for a very long time and worked hard to make her kids’ dreams a reality. Although Liam and Hope did not choose one of the names which she had picked, Brooke will be overcome with emotion when she hears the name.

However, there’s one little problem with regards to the name – Maya and Rick’s (Jacob Young) daughter bears the same name and for the exact same reason! Although they call Elizabeth “Lizzy,” their daughter is also named after Rick’s grandmother, since he and Hope share a grandmother.

Lizzy’s full name is Elizabeth Nicole Forrester. She is also the namesake of Maya’s sister, Nicole Avant. Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Nicole is Lizzy’s biological mother, but she carried the baby for her sister who would never be able to have children of her own.

It seems as if Liam and Hope will want Maya’s blessing if they also call their baby Elizabeth. Perhaps they will call her “Beth” for short.

If that is not the mysterious request that they wish to make of Maya, there remains another option. It is also possible that they may ask Maya to be the baby’s godmother. Bold and the Beautiful fans will remember that Maya and Rick fully supported their relationship from day one.

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