NBA Rumors: Should The Golden State Warriors Consider Trading For Carmelo Anthony?

ElsaGetty Images

As the 2018-19 NBA season goes deeper, rumors and speculations continue to swirl around0 Carmelo Anthony and his next destination. After an early struggle, the Houston Rockets decided to remove Anthony from their rotation, and as of now, they remain active on the open market, finding a trade partner for the veteran small forward.

Unless the Rockets waive his contract, Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have any control where he will play next. However, that didn’t stop the 10-time NBA All-Star from expressing his preferred trade destination. In a now-deleted Twitter post which is captured by SB Nation’s Golden State of Mind, Anthony tweeted “legggo” and tagged Golden State Warriors superstars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in it.

Some people perceived Anthony’s post as a way of making a pitch to join the Warriors. Anthony may not waste his time to confirm or deny the rumors, but it’s easy to understand why he would love Golden State to be his next landing spot. Despite a recent rough patch, the Warriors are possibly the only team in the league that can give him a real chance of winning his first NBA championship title.

According to Golden State of Mind, joining the reigning NBA champions could also help Carmelo Anthony revive his NBA career. In the past years of dominating the league, the Warriors have managed to resurrect a number of basketball outcasts, like JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, and Nick Young. Despite struggling with his previous teams, Anthony still has lots of gas left in his tank. He could still be a reliable contributor to a team who needs a boost in terms of bench scoring.

If the Warriors succeed to acquire Carmelo Anthony, they will be having a starting lineup featuring five NBA superstars and a second unit led by a 10-time NBA All-Star. However, despite the things that he can contribute to the team, Grant Liffmann of NBC Sports Bay Area believes that the Warriors should pass on the idea of trading for Anthony.

“Carmelo Anthony is the antithesis of what the Warriors are looking for. He’s an isolation player who no longer has the same burst as he did in his younger years, and while he has been a defensive liability his whole career, his defense practically is non-existent by now. Oh, and he isn’t known for being the best locker-room guy either.”

Carmelo Anthony will undeniably be an intriguing addition to the Warriors. However, there is a huge possibility that adding him could do harm more than good for the defending champs. As of now, it remains unknown if the Warriors have any interest in adding Anthony to their roster, or what type of trade assets they are willing to give up for a player of his caliber. Expect more rumors to circulate before the February NBA trade deadline.