‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Learns Some Interesting News, She Holds The Key To Shocking Baby Truth

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Liesl Obrecht is free once again on General Hospital thanks to Peter August recanting his story. Now she is roaming about Port Charles enjoying her life, and that means getting to spend more time with Maxie and her grandson James. Now she is catching up with all that has happened since she has been on the run from the law and Maxie is certainly the best one to spill it.

As soon as the handcuffs came off, Obrecht headed over to the MetroCourt to have a reunion with her daughter-in-law. Maxie was extremely surprised to see her walk in and especially shocked that it was Peter who set Liesl free. After some chit-chat about James, Maxie let the cat out of the bag that Michael will never know his baby. Obrecht assumed she meant that the “skinny girl” was keeping Michael from seeing their child. However, she quickly learned that was far from the truth.

Liesl has two huge secrets now. Soap Central says that Obrecht will refrain from speaking her mind. As seen on Thursday’s General Hospital, she told Valentin that she would not tell Nina about him giving her a fake daughter to get her back. Will she also refrain from spilling the beans that she delivered Nelle’s healthy baby boy right before she went on the run? Obrecht knows something just isn’t right about this whole thing. She will supposedly not let Maxie know that truth just yet. She will keep it to herself for now.

She will set out to get more information about this current baby drama before she says anything. More General Hospital spoilers indicate that Obrecht will head to Pentonville to pay Nelle a visit. Actress Chloe Lanier is rumored to be back on screen for a brief return. That makes sense if Obrecht wants to grill her about her baby.

Nelle will have to scramble to come up with a story. She will most likely tell Liesl that the baby died after she left her in the woods, but she can’t fool her. Obrecht is no dummy. She has been around and is a known criminal herself. Obrecht may have done some bad things in the past, and present for that matter, but she does have a big heart, especially when it comes to family.

Liesl knows what it’s like to not be able to raise her child. Will she blackmail Nelle or will she go to Michael with the truth about baby Jonah? It’s likely that this baby switch storyline will drag on for a little bit longer. Obrecht may just do some more digging and realize that Jonah is right under Michael’s nose.

This whole baby switch will be outed soon enough and will affect many lives in Port Charles. Liesl Obrecht holds the key to Michael getting his son back. Keep watching General Hospital to see how she handles this new piece of information she was given.