Sexy Chris Hemsworth Shares Workout Secrets To Attain Physique For ‘Men In Black’ Movie

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

If you line up the hunkiest hotties of Hollywood, one guy will always stand out: Chris Hemsworth.

The Australian actor shot to fame and won the hearts of many ladies portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He possessed the stature that one would envision for the god of thunder. His muscles bulged; his strength was undeniable.

Hemsworth may have held previous roles, but this was the one that really launched his acting career. While training for the role of Thor, people couldn’t stop drooling.

Hemsworth is lucky to have inherited terrific genes – dad Craig is surprisingly ripped. In fact, the Hemsworth brothers, Chris, Liam and Luke, are all quite good looking with impressive physiques.

For his next big screen role, Chris Hemsworth is switching from massive Norse god to a human special agent responsible for overseeing Earth’s extraterrestrial population in Men in Black: International, the latest installment in the Men in Black film series.

But Hemsworth didn’t need to bulk up for this character. Instead, he sought a leaner build, so he worked closely with his longtime trainer, Luke Zocchi, reported Men’s Health. They’ve trained together for six years and are in the midst of training for their 11th film.

“The look for [MIB] was a more athletic, less bulky, more athletic look than Thor,” the trainer said.

They had to work around Hemsworth’s busy schedule, so workouts for the actor took a different approach. Instead of training four to five times a week with full body workouts for a Marvel movie, they switched it up.

“We changed the training to more of a circuit-style approach, with constant moving with functional dumbbell lifts and body weight exercises. On the nutrition side of things, we were eating a lot less food than we would for the role of Thor, only eating three meals a day,” Luke said.

But one particular exercise they always put first is surfing, Luke said.

“If the surf is on, we will go surfing before training,” he explained.

Some of the exercises that Luke put Hemsworth through include bear crawls, bodyweight squats, DB weighted burpee, curl and press, goblet squat, standing triceps extension and reverse lunge and curl. He also engaged in a shoulder circuit that included lateral raises, front raises and an upright row. For the plank circuit, they did a plank punch out, a plank pulse and a plank pike.

Check out their video and see if some of these exercises might fit your exercise routine.