Aubrey O'Day Dons Lingerie With Candies Glued On For Flirty Christmas Pic On Instagram

Aubrey O'Day is taking Christmas to the next level with her newest Instagram photo, which showed her posing in a lingerie set with candies glued on. She posed in front of a candy cane curtain, while holding a candy in her left hand. She tugged at her hair with her left hand, and wore heavy eye makeup and dark red lipstick.

O'Day captioned the post, "candy stripper.. i mean striper.. i mean..." Fans have left her comments like "this is sooo cute!"and "Work it." Aubrey is obviously feeling the holiday spirit, as she also tagged it "#Aubreys12daysofChristmas." So far, she's shared photos of herself wearing a latex blue bodysuit in a tub full of ornaments, a sheer red lingerie teddy, and more. Her followers can expect five more photos to complete the 12 days of Christmas.

Even before her hashtag photo series started, O'Day was spreading the holiday cheer as early as December 2. On that day, she posed with Dumblonde wearing matching outfits. It included a zip-up black bodysuit, furry jacket with a large, fuzzy hood, and black thigh-high boots. The boots also had fuzzy accents, and the post was captioned, "hit Santa up.. u still got time." The women both wore their hair down, as Aubrey played with her hair with her right hand.

It's likely that O'Day has been enjoying her freedom since leaving her past relationship with Pauly D. Their relationship problems were put on blast after they headed to Celebrity Boot Camp, and while the two had already separated by the time the show aired, there was much to be said on both sides. This is what Aubrey said about the relationship to Us Magazine.
"There was no healthy dialogue. There was no progressive communication. There were rules and the rules needed to be followed and when they weren't, you were punished. I come from an abusive childhood that I'm still processing and I think that person inside of me that hasn't quite healed was attracted to the chaos of constantly proving yourself to someone and when they were disappointed in you, fighting harder for their approval."
And from what she learned from the failed relationship, she's now looking to "be with a man that's kind." Hopefully O'Day can find the man she's looking for in time. For now, she's busy serving up some fierce looks on social media, which obviously have captured the attention of her 901,000 followers.