December 20, 2018
Kellyanne Conway Says 'Peace And Prosperity' Are The Trump Administration's Greatest Successes Of 2018

As the world enters the last weeks of 2018, many are reflecting on what a year it has been, thinking about their biggest accomplishments over the past 12 monthsm and what they want to focus on for the next 12. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway did just this recently, KRCR News reported, when she sat down with Sinclair Broadcast Group's Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn and reflected on some of the Trump Administration's greatest successes of 2018.

"Two words: peace and prosperity," Conway answered during Bottom Line with Boris, when asked which of the administration's accomplishments of 2018 she's most proud of.

Conway backed her claim by explaining that President Donald Trump "has made a difference in terms of this country's security" through numerous engagements with world leaders throughout the year, from bilateral meeting's he's hosted or attended, or multilateral meetings like the G20 or G7 summits, and noted that his "first and foremost duty" is to keep the American citizens safe.

She offered specific examples of President Trump's efforts at attaining peace this past year, citing his policies regarding border securities as well as his work to "broker peace and calm around the world" by sitting down with leaders from North Korea, Russia, and China.

"The president believes you have to have conversations and not confrontation, if at all possible, to keep us peaceful but also prosperous," she explained, offering a segue into her second highlight for the year.

Conway said that even the most hostile critics of President Trump and his administration should be able to admit that the president has presided over "nothing short of an economic boom."

On a daily basis, she explained, she encounters people throughout the country who have found themselves with "more money in their pockets," which leads to "freedom and choices."

"So, people feel that they are more peaceful and that they are more prosperous," Kellyanne concluded. "And those are really the two best things the president has done overall."

Not everyone may agree with Conway's highlight's for the Trump administration, but according to Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America's annual New Year's Resolution Study, Americans are feeling much better about six out of seven key aspects of their lives now than they did last year, Market Watch reported, two of which Kellyanne touched on as she reflected on the last year.

The study showed that there was a 3 percent decrease in those living in fear of the threat of terrorism, and a whopping 19 percent decrease in those worried the markets despite the concern of a recession in the coming year.