Danielle Herrington Dons Bikini & Shakes Her Hips While Wearing A Christmas Hat On Instagram

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Danielle Herrington is getting into the holiday spirit on Instagram. A new video shows the model wearing a black bikini and a large hat shaped like a Christmas tree. The clip shows Danielle smiling while shaking her hips at the beach. In the past weeks, other sneak peeks of the SI photoshoot have shown Danielle posing in a variety of swimsuits, including a revealing string bikini and a white mesh swimsuit. The model recently posted a video of herself topless in an infinity pool at the hotel she was staying at in Costa Rica during the photoshoot as well, as she was feeling nostalgic.

Herrington has since been busy with other gigs, and she was even interviewed by Rose Inc. According to the article, Danielle is going to be not just in 2019’s Swimsuit Edition, but will also be part of the 2019 CR Women calendar. But with that being said, one of her biggest breakout moments was being featured on last year’s Swimsuit Edition magazine cover. When she was asked about the work it took to get to that point, this is what she said.

“It’s been a long time coming. It did feel like it happened overnight, ’cause it was just so fast in that one year. But I started modeling when I was 13, and this year made it all worth it. Tyra [Banks] was one of my biggest inspirations when I started out, and someone who I looked up to. I saw her modeling for Victoria’s Secret and that’s how I found out about Sports Illustrated.”

With that being said, Tyra is notably one of Danielle’s mentors, even being the one to break the special news that she was chosen for the magazine cover last year.


Danielle also revealed an interesting piece of information, which is advice she got from Tyra. And while you might expect it to do with fashion and modeling, it was about something else entirely.

“Tyra told me, ‘Make sure you have a great accountant.’ Basically, get all of my money in order and invest. Modeling is not forever, so figure out what you wanna do—and also, have fun with it.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Danielle decides to pursue alongside modeling if she takes Tyra’s advice. It’s more common nowadays for models to taking on entrepreneurial pursuits, with superstars like Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum creating an empire for themselves. Klum, for example, has established a modeling career alongside a TV presence and her own line of swimwear and lingerie.