California Town Mourns 8th Grade Girl Who Was Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver

Alisha McKinney

A crash that happened just outside of Monte Vista Avenue and Greer Road in Turlock, California, has left many family and friends in mourning. Officials have not yet identified the identity of one of the young girls who was struck by an alleged drunk driver while pulling out of a gas station parking lot with her friend, another teenager, in the car. For now, this young woman is being called "Frieda." ABC 10 Connect News reports that the teens' school, Dutcher Middle School, has hung up decorations in honor of the young girl.

A friend of the family, Kristin Bettencourt, spoke to reporters about what the school in doing in honor of "Frieda."

"Freida's friends did go out this morning, and her favorite color was light blue. So they tied light blue ribbons around Dutcher Middle School and put out her favorite sunflowers. So there are spaces out there for kids to remember her, to talk about her."
"To have to tell 13- and 14-year-olds that their friend was killed and how. And it's just so devastating that they were just doing Friday evening things, out to dinner or running errands or just our everyday normal things that we take for granted."

"Frieda's" family and friends have started a Go Fund Me account to go toward burial expenses. Their goal is $7,500, of which they have currently surpassed, reaching $19,751, thanks to 35o individuals in only four days.