Hershey’s Kisses Suffering Epidemic Of Missing Tips, And The Chocolate Maker Is Apparently Doing It On Purpose

Bakers are angry, and some are finding alternatives for their Christmas cookies this year.

Bakers are angry, and some are finding alternatives for their Christmas cookies this year.

If you notice that the tip of your Hershey’s Kisses are missing this holiday season, it may not be an accident.

Bakers and assorted chocolate aficionados have noticed that the iconic treats suddenly have blunted tips rather than the sharp points they once saw. Many of these people have taken to social media to complain, and some even reached out to the company to ask why the tips are suddenly missing. As WQAD reported, they are getting a surprising answer.

According to a number of people who have reached customer service at the chocolate maker, The Hershey Company is purposely cutting off the tips of its Kisses in an effort to prevent the tips from falling off during transit and collecting at the bottom of bags.

Laura Magone, founder of the baking group, The Wedding Cookie Table Community, wasn’t happy with the explanation. She took to her group’s Facebook page to share her frustrations over the intentionally blunted treats.

“Hershey has told people on this page (including me today) they are intentionally breaking off the tips of the iconic American Hershey kiss at the factory so the tips don’t break off in transit–this makes no sense. This didn’t happen when kisses were American made. (800) 468-1714. On the left–what’s advertised. On the right–what we get. Look at the current wrapping also. Not good. C’mon Hershey.”

As Business Insider reported, the problem appears to be especially focused on holiday bags of Hershey’s Kisses, leaving many people who use the chocolates as part of holiday cookies especially angry. There has been building frustration on social media as people shared pictures of their blunted chocolates, with others sharing that they faced the same problem. The company’s apparent response that it was on purpose has made many even angrier.

Despite the apparent explanation that the company was doing it on purpose, a spokesperson for The Hershey Company seemed surprised and said that the company was investigating.

“We are looking at the issue now,” Jeff Beckman, director of corporate communications for The Hershey Company, told Business Insider. “We understand that bakers’ expectations are high for an iconic brand that is more than 100 years old because they are proud of their desserts.”

But in the meantime, a number of the holiday bakers who took to social media to complain about the missing tips on Hershey’s Kisses have already said they plan to find a replacement chocolate for their Christmas treats this year.