Samantha Markle Continues Twitter War Against Family, Now It’s Meghan’s Mom, Doria Ragland, In The Crosshairs

Meghan wears a gray jacket.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

As usual, Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha is busy on Twitter sharing her views on the latest articles about her family. In response to Vanity Fair’s latest piece titled “Meghan Markle’s Family Breakdown: The Untold Story,” the sister commented with the following.

“When you talk about a dysfunctional family, you cannot leave out #Doria, who is far from perfect! ‘Loving and gentle’, my ascot! #Markle #VanityFair #scandal”

Throughout the family debacle, Doria has hardly been the focal point. After all, she’s the only family member on Meghan’s side that attended the royal wedding. She’s the only one that visited the duchess last summer in the U.K., the only one to be present during Meghan’s first charity speech, and of course, the only one not to speak to the media. Not once, not ever.

For that reason, and if only for that reason, Doria has been widely accepted by the general public as a supportive and loving mother. Perhaps even more so than would be the norm because the rest of the American family has been constantly disparaging the duchess. Whether it’s half-brother Thomas Jr. telling Harry that marrying his sister would be a huge mistake, Samantha calling her “Duch-a**,” or Thomas Sr. confirming that Meghan is “controlling,” there’s been a lot of negative things that have been said on record.

So while there’s no doubt that Doria has her own faults, it’s interesting that Samantha would bother to bring her up. Vanity Fair called Doria “loving and gentle,” mentioned that Samantha claims Doria used to smoke marijuana, and that she divorced Thomas when Meghan was 2-years-old.

But some of the article, especially toward the middle, is all about Samantha. The journalist detailed her interactions with the sister and how her responses didn’t seem to add up to what was really going on and noted that “Samantha struck me as less a wicked stepsister than a special kind of trickster, a proficient storyteller with deep emotional intelligence who was adept at reading my cues.” Moreover, they believed Samantha was “seeking to portray herself as a misunderstood mom of three who was provoked by her sister.”

All in all, whatever Doria has done or not done in the past doesn’t seem to be of much consequence when it comes to the royal family. Ragland has been able to maintain her silence toward the media when she likely received the same sort of pressure to speak as her ex-husband.