‘B&B’ Recap For Wednesday, December 19: Reese Calls Brooke Out, Liam Points Out Hypocrisy

Wayne Brady, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Scott Clifton of The Bold and the Beautiful
Angela Weiss / Pascal Le Segretain / Francois Durand / Getty Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, December 19 states that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) debated the upcoming holidays. Hope insisted that they needed to have separate holidays because of Taylor’s presence, although her daughter has not even been born yet. Liam was unhappy because that meant that he would be attending two celebrations, per Soaps. Hope let Liam know that their daughter would not be spending a lot of time with her sister because of Taylor. He was disappointed with his wife’s decision.

Brooke chimed in and said that he was harder on his wife than on his ex-wife. Liam put Brooke in her place and said that she was too involved in his marriage. He then found out that Brooke had already told Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) his concerns. After listening to Brooke and Hope rehash Taylor’s crimes yet again, Liam noted their hypocrisy. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) pushed his father off a balcony yet he was allowed to spend time with Kelly (Zoe Pennington).

Taylor learned from Steffy that Hope did not want to spend Christmas with her. She doubted whether it was wise of her to remain in Los Angeles because it was having such a negative impact on Steffy. However, Steffy told her mother that Hope had already taken her family and Liam away from her. She did not want Hope to take away her mother, too. Taylor decided that she would stay put in Los Angeles.

Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) visited his daughter Zoe (Kiara Barnes) at Forrester Creations. He asked about Taylor’s whereabouts but Zoe didn’t know where she was. Reese took a call and it soon became evident that he was having trouble with his credit. When he ended the call, Zoe asked him if he had overextended again. Reese revealed that he and Taylor had kissed, increasing Zoe’s concern about Taylor’s mother.

Hope arrived at the cliff house to see Steffy. They were both unhappy about their argument earlier. Hope wanted Taylor to move out of the cliff house so that their daughters could grow up together.

Taylor confronted Brooke at Forrester Creations. She was irked that Brooke and Hope had urged Steffy to choose between herself and Kelly. Reese happened to pass by as they argued. Brooke screamed at Taylor that if it was up to her she would be banned from seeing Kelly. Reese entered the room and demanded, “Excuse me! How dare you talk to Dr. Hayes like that!”