Chris Hemsworth & Liam Neeson Shine In ‘Men In Black International’ Trailer

Chris Hemsworth during the closing ceremony of 66th San Sebastian Film Festival at Kursaal on September 29, 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

The first official trailer for Men In Black International, the spinoff film of the original late ’90s-early 2000s Men In Black series, was finally released on Thursday. The movie features Thor: Ragnarok heartthrob Chris Hemsworth alongside Taken’s Liam Neeson, offering a fresh take on the plot while also paying homage to the classics.

Hemsworth plays a Men in Black secret agent alongside Tessa Thompson, Hemsworth’s Thor co-star, who acts as Hemsworth’s partner and a rookie in the organization, according to E! News. The duo, known as Agent H and Agent M, travel to London to fight a new alien threat as well as a mole within the Men In Black.

Liam Neeson appears as the head of Men in Black’s United Kingdom branch, while Emma Thompson plays the Men in Black chief. Rebecca Ferguson and Kumail Nanjiani join the Men in Black series for the first time as well.

Sony Pictures Entertainment brought on F. Gary Gray to direct the film, along with executive producers Steven Spielberg, E. Bennett Walsh, and Barry Sonnenfeld.

The original Men In Black film, which starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and sparked the popular film series, was the biggest domestic grosser in the summer of 1997 with $251 million, according to Forbes. Sonnenfeld directed the original film, as well as the sequel, which earned $441.8 million when it debuted in 2002.

The series went on a 10-year hiatus, returning in 2012 for a much-anticipated third installment once again directed by Sonnenfeld. Although the film ran over its budget, Men In Black III proved to be a success, earning $624 million worldwide in the summer of 2012.

Men In Black International plays on the nostalgia of the previous films by throwing in a few references for die-hard MIB fans to recognize. As Inverse pointed out, there are six Easter eggs in the trailer alone that can be traced back to Smith’s days in the franchise.

For example, a painting on display in the background at the beginning of the trailer depicts Smith and Jones as Agent J and Agent K fighting off Edgar, an alien who was hiding on Earth. Later, the team reveals an arsenal of galactic weapons that were seen in the original films.

Perhaps the most obvious Easter egg is the cameo made by the “worm guys” in MIB headquarters. These little worm-like creatures were the first aliens that Agent J met in Men In Black, and they are there once again to greet Agent K upon her arrival in the spinoff.

Men In Black International will arrive in theaters on June 14, 2019.