December 20, 2018
'The Bachelor' 2019 Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Major New Teasers For Colton Underwood's Season Ending

Gossip king Reality Steve has already shared plenty of tantalizing spoilers related to Colton Underwood's journey to find love on ABC's The Bachelor 2019 season. In previous blog posts, he had noted that there were a few gaps here and there that he was working to fill, but he said he knew how the season ended as the final rose ceremony was filmed. Now, he's sharing new and updated spoilers and these ones are juicy.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers detailed that Colton Underwood took Tayshia Adams, Hannah Goodwin, and Cassie Randolph on the overnight fantasy suite dates in Portugal. What Reality Steve initially said went down in Portugal was pretty juicy, but his latest podcast revealed some tweaks and additional tidbits that signal a wild ride for Colton as well as viewers during this upcoming season.

Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers note that much of what he originally shared still stands. Underwood did an overnight date with Tayshia, then had one with Cassie and ultimately decided that Cassie was the person he wanted to be with over either Tayshia or Hannah. The spoiler guru believed that Colton eliminated both Tayshia and Hannah and got engaged to Cassie at the final rose ceremony.

Now, however, he says that there were some wild developments in the middle that lead to some interesting changes in his Bachelor spoilers. Reality Steve details that the first part is still accurate. However, he says that while Underwood and Randolph were on their overnight date together, Cassie opened up and said she did not want to be engaged at the end of filming, apparently in part feeling that she's too young right now for such a big step.

Apparently, that turned everything upside down. According to Reality Steve, Cassie then decided to leave the show entirely. It also seems that this development may have been what led Colton to jump the fence that has been heavily promoted in Bachelor previews released thus far.

Colton apparently did go on to eliminate Tayshia and Hannah, but Cassie truly did quit the show and head home to California. So, Reality Steve's spoilers now detail that there was no final rose ceremony. All of that definitely explains why the timing seemed so strange at the end with Underwood home earlier than anticipated.

However, that's not quite where things ended. Colton apparently essentially chased Cassie back to California and ABC filmed something between the two of them there. Reality Steve says that Underwood essentially told Randolph that he wanted to be with her, and if that meant not getting engaged, that was fine with him.

So, Colton and Cassie are said to be currently dating, but they are not engaged. They have spent time together since filming wrapped, and the two have seemingly even accidentally tipped off spoiler fans to that themselves, per the Inquisitr. Will Randolph feel ready for an engagement by the time the finale airs in March and could that happen during the "After the Final Rose" special?

The network will surely hype all of this a lot as the season plays out and fans who go unspoiled will have a lot to chew on with all of the upcoming teases. Reality Steve seems confident that he's got this ending nailed down now and it definitely does answer some questions about how strange the timing seemed toward the end of filming.

Can Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph beat the odds and keep their relationship going on their own terms? Will Reality Steve's updated Bachelor spoilers pan out to be correct? The new season debuts on January 7, and it sounds like it'll be quite the roller coaster.