Will Arnett Praises Netflix For Fostering The Creative Process

Will Arnett

Arrested Development actor Will Arnett believes Netflix is doing right for the creative process. Arnett appeared at the D: Dive Into Media conference with Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz.

During the interview, Arnett praised the freedom Netflix has given to its new slate of original programming.

As Arnett explains, Netflix is “allowing the creative community to do what they do best.”

Hurwitz adds:

“We are absolutely making the show we would have made if we were still at Fox. There are certain things we’re not going to have… We’re not going to have residuals. But the tradeoff is that we’re encouraged to do a more interesting show, as opposed to flattening it out.”

That lack of residuals does have the benefit of ensuring that only people who want to be involved in the full creative process show up for work.

Arrested Development will debut a new season on May 4.

If you have been lucky enough to watch the Kevin Spacey and David-Fincher led political thriller House Of Cards, you have likely already experienced what a lack of control on Netflix’s behalf can mean for the creative process.

Just like House Of Card, the full season of Arrested Development will be released at one time, allowing viewers to watch the streaming show at their own leisure.

Arrested Development will pick up several years after where Season 3 left off.

Do you think Netflix will ultimately succeed by simply allowing Hollywood studios to produce the original programming they want to create?