December 20, 2018
Amber Rose Goes Nude Beneath Luxurious Fur Coat While Posing Courtside

Amber Rose has upped her game by standing courtside with nothing on except a periwinkle fur coat. The hip-hop model shared the near-nude photo of herself on Instagram and proved that nobody will be watching the game with her looking like that.

The former stripper wore a luxurious fur coat which under normal circumstances would be the perfect cover-up. But when Amber Rose dons a fur coat, she becomes under-dressed. The reality star popped the coat's collar and buttoned the overcoat at the waist. Amber showed off her generous cleavage, thighs, and long legs. Although Amber Rose's private parts are concealed, the coat barely covers her obvious nudity.

Amber Rose has previously revealed that her signature short hair requires a lot of maintenance. She has said that she bleaches her hair every three days to maintain those platinum tresses. Her hairstyle remained on-point in this snap.

She also accessorized the fur coat with open-toed purple metallic wedges and her favorite dark aviator sunglasses. Amber Rose kept the rest of her jewelry simple, opting for some earring studs and a plain gold necklace.

The 35-year-old model and actress glammed up the outfit with a pink lip liner and bronzed lip gloss. Her toenails are painted a rather provocative shade of deep purple.

The nearly-naked star posed with her hands on her hips while staring into the distance. Her mouth formed the perfect pout while she showed some skin courtside.

Amber Rose has a massive fan base of 18.7 million followers who are obsessed with her. In the 10 hours since she posted, the photo has garnered over 344,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments. Her fans thirst levels were definitely raised by the tantalizing shot.

Most fans commented about the star's beauty, such as one who said, "Incredible how good u look in anything..." Another follower noted the sunny weather in the pic and commented, "I wish I had some weather like that, it's cold as hell here..."

It also seemed as if Amber Rose was inspiring other fans with her risqué style.

"Can't be out with my kids with this so oh okay... maybe with some leggings and a fitted v-neck I can then pull it off."
A more pragmatic fan pointed out that this particular Amber Rose outfit would do nothing for her. She said, "That's literally only cute on you hun. It would look like I'm wearing a robe and about to wash my baseboards."