WWE News: Independent Wrestling Star Finally Makes NXT TV Debut

Dave LeClair

On the December 19 episode of NXT, the independent pro wrestling star Donovan Dijak, who now goes by Dominik Dijakovic, finally made his official NXT television debut, per ProWrestling.com. He's had matches before at NXT house shows, but tonight's episode was his first time appearing on the WWE Network for the promotion.

Dijakovic met Aaron Mackey in a match, and as is usually the case when a new NXT superstar meets someone who's an unknown, Dijakovic destroyed Mackey.

The match was all about showcasing what the 6-foot-7 Dijakovic could do. He certainly delivered an impressive performance, demolishing Mackey with strikes, throwing him across the ring, and bludgeoning him unmercifully. He finished the match with his "Feast Your Eyes" knee-smash, which is an incredibly impressive move.

As one might expect from his large frame, Dijakovic works a big-man style, where he uses his strength to dominate and destroy his opponents.

Promos for Dijakovic started airing on NXT earlier this month, hyping his arrival.

It'll be interesting to what the company decides to do with Dijakovic in NXT. He could fill a similar to the one Lars Sullivan had before he was called up to the main roster. His look and character appear more conducive to being a heel.

Dominik Dijakovic officially reported to the WWE Performance Center in August, so it took quite a while for the company to put him on TV, which was a little worrisome at first. The company announced that he was signed in September, so the company has been going slow with him from day one. But it appears he's getting the big monster treatment, which means that the company probably has big plans for him going forward.

While in ROH, he won the company's Top Prospect tournament. He also competed in the wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament in Germany. Before wrapping up his independent career, he competed in the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Battle of Los Angeles tournament.

He also had a really solid run in Chaotic Wrestling, where he held the company's championship for 148 days.

Before entering the wrestling business, Dijakovic was a football and basketball standout in high school and college.