Instagram Model Kourtney Reppert Goes Naked Under See-Through Robe In Racy Photo

Kourtney Reppert has been sharing some very racy photos of herself via social media, and this week was no different.

On Wednesday, December 19, Reppert took to Instagram account to post a risque snapshot of herself wearing nothing but a see-through robe.

In the photograph, the model is seen posing on all fours as she goes completely nude underneath a sheer, see-through black robe. Kourtney’s long, blonde hair is parted to the side and worn in soft waves which fall over her shoulder. Her hair is full of volume and covers one of her eyes.

Reppert dons a full face of makeup, which includes a sun-kissed glow on her face, dark brows and eyelashes, pink blush on her cheeks, and a light pink gloss on her lips. In the caption of the photo, Kourtney reveals that given the perfect lingerie, a girl can conquer the world.

Reppert garnered fame as a model in Philadelphia when she was named the city’s “hottest sports babe” by radio station WMMR. She was also deemed the Flyers’ “hottest fan” and the Phillies’ “hottest blonde.” She was also Jessica Simpson’s stand-in for all of her Macy’s commercials.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she later decided to move to L.A. and try her hand at modeling, where she had to deal with some very scary personal issues, including a stalker, who threatened to decapitate and stab her. The man, Luis Plascencia, was later arrested.

Last year, Kourtney Reppert sat down for an interview with Maxim, where she opened up about what she looks for in a man, and what her ultimate fantasy is.

The model revealed that a man can get her attention if he is a genuinely nice person with a positive attitude. She also said that because she is a “nerd,” that she tends to be drawn to “athletic nerds.”

Reppert also revealed that when it comes to letting a man know she is interested in him, she doesn’t like to chase anyone, but she will be aggressive when she feels like the situation calls for it.

“I’m shy, but in certain situations I’m aggressive. But now that I’m older, I don’t chase men. But I will agree to hang out if I’m into you. My time is very valuable, so I don’t waste it on things that won’t matter,” Kourtney revealed.

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