Jasmine Tookes Sizzles In Pink Lingerie Teddy On Instagram

Jasmine wears a strapless dress.
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes shared a new photo on Instagram wearing a hot pink lingerie teddy. She took the selfie in the mirror, showing off her curves and noting, “Think pink / last job! Holiday time.” The model wore her hair down in a center part and popped her right foot and touched her hair with her right hand. Her fans let her know she looked “Very beautiful,” “perfect,” and “So pretty im crying!!!! Loveyou forever.” Tookes also showed off her holiday spirit a couple of days ago, wearing a sweater that read, “GET LIT.” It had a Christmas tree on the front, with candy-cane stripes on the sleeves.

Jasmine also posted a picture of herself wearing a lacy white teddy with a triangular cut-out in the front and a halter-style top. She captioned it, “Getting in the holiday spirit!” and smiled widely for the cameras. Tookes lounged on a silver sofa, as she propped her right leg up and rested her right arm on it. The model wore blush and dark red lipstick, as she gave a shout-out to Victoria’s Secret.

The model previously opened up to Divine about some of her beauty secrets, including how she stays in shape.

“I work out three to five times a week and it has just become a huge part of my lifestyle and it’s fun for me. Me and a lot of the girls workout together and take classes to stay in shape.”

That’s not too surprising to hear, considering that the VS models appear to be a tight-knit group that’s very supportive of one another.

That’s especially true during the VS Fashion Show, which requires a lot of work and discipline on part of the models. In addition to rehearsing for the show, the models have to work hard to maintain their best physique in the weeks leading up to the taping. And during an interview with Divine, Jasmine revealed that she influenced the other models to start up a new type of workout.

“All of the girls have gotten into weight training. Before, they were a little bit skeptical about it because they were scared about bulking up. I’ve kind of trained them into thinking that it is actually really good for you and makes you feel strong.”

Many VS models share their workout routines with fans in the weeks leading up to the annual fashion show, and some of them showed off their weight training exercises.