Supermodel Bella Hadid Flaunts Cleavage, Leather Choker, Chain Mail Bra In Punk Rock Look

Bella Hadid appears in a sheer, silver dress.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

American supermodel Bella Hadid has been turning heads on and off the runway for some time now, having walked for some of the world’s most famous design houses and having modeled for the most prestigious labels on the planet. As the Inquistr detailed yesterday, December 18, Bella Hadid took part in a provocative and sensual ad campaign by Versace, one in which she was seen receiving a tattoo from Donatella Versace herself.

In another recent Instagram share, however, Hadid eschewed her traditional glamorous look for something entirely more “metal.” In this particular image, one of a series of snapshots dedicated to the life of the late stylist to the stars Oribe Canales, Bella is seen displaying a bit of punk rock attitude.

Wearing a white leather motorcycle cap — complete with a bright silver emblem that resembles a stylized iron cross and a metal chain about the brim — Bella is leaving little doubt that she has a little bit of heavy metal in her soul. Wearing nothing but a scanty chain mail bra that leaves little to the imagination and a leather choker with steel accents, this early picture of Bella Hadid shows off the development of the star’s photographic portfolio.

Bella chose to accessorize with a pair of rose-colored shades in the image, bearing large and circular lenses. Her signature chestnut tresses are styled loose and in waves, which tumble messily about her neck and shoulders.

In the background of the sexy snapshot, Oribe Canales can be seen stepping out of the shadows. While the spotlight rests on the beautiful American supermodel, Canales is the embodiment of masculine cool. A windswept hairstyle, tinted sunglasses, and slight smirk impart a sense of confidence from the man that the fashion world couldn’t bestow any further praise upon.

The remainder of the pictures, decidedly less provocative, pay tribute to the late stylist. In one Canales can be seen blowing smoke from a cigarette. In the others, he can be seen assisting young models to become the arresting and captivating photographic subjects that they aspired to be.

In the caption of the photo set, Bella Hadid offers a touching tribute. Her fans and followers seemed to appreciate both the racy photograph and the sweet sentiments that she shared, with nearly 450,000 users liking the images in addition to making 800-plus comments.

One user wrote, “So beautiful and gorgeous,” while another user offered their condolences, writing, “May his soul rest in peace with God!”