‘Survivor’ Spoilers For Season 38: ‘Edge Of Extinction’ Coming Up Next With A Big Twist And Familiar Faces

TV personality Jeff Probst poses backstage during Entertainment Weekly's PopFest
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

On Wednesday night, everybody will get to see which castaway wins Survivor: David vs. Goliath, and chances are that host Jeff Probst will give a sneak peek into Season 38, which is set to debut in the spring. Luckily, there already are quite a few spoilers available on this upcoming battle, and it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

According to Reality Blurred, Season 38 has been named Edge of Extinction. It is slated to premiere on February 20 on CBS and it’ll wrap up on May 15. It was reportedly filmed in Fiji last spring and summer, a common location for the show these days, as it suits the needs and budget for the series well.

Survivor spoilers reveal that there is a big twist ahead with Season 38 and it sounds as if it’ll be a pretty controversial one. Supposedly, there will be an “Extinction Island” where eliminated castaways can choose to go. Staying there will give them the opportunity to win their way back into the competition at two different points: the merge, and near the end of the game.

Contestants can reportedly stay on that island however long they want and they can also leave at whatever point they want. Also, it seems that those who are on Extinction Island after the merge will all become part of the jury.

In addition, Survivor spoilers indicate that four veterans of the series will return to play again in Season 38. That group reportedly is made up of Kelley Wentworth from both San Juan Del Sur and Second Chance, Aubry Bracco of Kaoh Rong and Game Changers, Joe Anglim of Worlds Apart and Second Chance as well as David Wright from Millennials vs. Gen X.

The returnee information originally came via Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor, a very reliable source of spoilers for the game. These four will serve essentially as tribe “captains” and there will be 14 newbie competitors as well.

As long-time fans will remember, “Boston Rob” Mariano returned as a captain in the season where he ultimately won. The chances are good that at least one of these four will make it to the final Tribal Council, based on past seasons with similar twists.

While the 14 new castaways are essentially unknowns, Survivor spoilers do detail that one person may be familiar to viewers. Ron Clark, a motivational speaker and bestselling author who is known for teaching disadvantaged students in both New York City and North Carolina, is apparently one of the players.

Survivor spoilers hint that there will be a pretty big jury with only a couple of players bailing on Extinction Island, and there’s apparently a three-person final Tribal Council once again. The buzz is that the game starts off with two tribes, with one led by Kelley and David, and the other led by Joe and Aubry. It also sounds as if the two players who return from Extinction Island fare quite well when it comes to making it to the final Tribal Council.

Fans will definitely be buzzing about Season 38 and spoilers suggest that it should be an interesting battle to watch. Survivor: Edge of Extinction debuts in February, and additional tidbits should emerge before things get too crazy with this upcoming battle featuring everybody trying to outplay, outwit, and outlast one another.