‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Reveals Lisa Vanderpump Attempted To Ban Her From TomTom

Kristen Doute was nearly banned from going to her friends' restaurant.

Kristen Doute attends the 2018 E!'s People's Choice Awards.
Emma McIntyre / E! Entertainment

Kristen Doute was nearly banned from going to her friends' restaurant.

Kristen Doute was nearly banned from visiting her friends Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s West Hollywood, California restaurant, TomTom.

During an interview with Who magazine, the Vanderpump Rules star revealed her former boss at SUR Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump, attempted to keep her away from the venue before ultimately giving in and allowing her to spend time with her friends and co-stars at the new hotspot.

“Lisa tried to keep me from there once this summer then after that, it’s like, ‘No, I know the owners! They’re my closest friends,'” she explained, according to a report from Reality Tea.

As fans well know, Vanderpump was previously the boss of Doute, who worked as a waitress at SUR Restaurant for years, but after Doute acted up at the restaurant and cussed at a manager, she was let go. However, she did not lose her role on Vanderpump Rules and has continued to appear on the show in a full-time role in the years since her firing.

Also during her interview with Who magazine, Doute addressed the swirling rumors regarding her potential split from boyfriend Brian Carter. Although the couple hasn’t actually split, some have been wondering what the status of their relationship is as Doute continues to be seen on the show and off without him.

“Carter and I have a little bit of a bumpy summer. No cheating or anything like that, but we’ve been together for three-and-a-half years and definitely had issues I was almost choosing to not confront,” she explained.

Kristen Doute and Brian Carter began dating after her short-lived romance with James Kennedy came to an end. Since then, the couple has been living with one another and their two dogs in Los Angeles.

According to Doute, she and Carter are currently struggling with communication issues in their relationship after falling into a pattern of sweeping their issues under the rug.

“Like we’d have a fight at night and just ignore it the next morning, and it just became a pattern. All my wonderful girlfriends were like, ‘Look, you can’t hide this from the show. Because if you’re hiding it from the show, you’re really hiding it from your life.’ I’m not super-excited to watch that stuff, but I think it’s better for us in the long run,” she said.

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