New ‘Die Hard’ Trailer Released To Prove It Really Is A Christmas Movie

20th Century Fox has released an updated trailer for 'the greatest Christmas story ever told.'

Actor Bruce Willis and Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Fox Filmed Entertainment Jim Gianopulos attend the dedication and unveiling of a new soundstage mural celebrating 25 years of 'Die Hard' at Fox Studio Lot on January 31, 2013 in Century City, California.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

20th Century Fox has released an updated trailer for 'the greatest Christmas story ever told.'

There has been some recent debate over whether the movie Die Hard should be considered a Christmas movie or not. While the movie does occur over the festive season — and begins at a work Christmas function — it quickly unravels to become a fast-paced thriller as Bruce Willis’ character, John McClane, tries to take down a group of terrorists.

As a previous article from the Inquisitr points out, a recent poll that was conducted has found that 62 percent of people do not believe that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. This comes even though it conveys the message of a man trying to get home to his family at Christmas time — despite an escalating situation that makes it look like a near impossible task, which is classic Christmas movie territory.

However, 20th Century Fox is set to change public opinion on the matter with their newly released trailer for Die Hard.

The trailer has been re-imagined to really highlight the fact that John McClane just wants to “spend Christmas with the family.” The trailer then goes on to declare that when he “gets stuck at the office party, it’ll be a holiday he’ll never forget.” So, the aim is to make Die Hard appear more like an office Christmas party movie than a terror incident at Nakatomi Plaza.

As Fox News points out, John McClane’s attempt to bring down the terrorists is “punctuated with goofy sounds and bells.” In addition, the new Die Hard trailer highlights some of the movie’s famous wisecracks.

“Only John can drive somebody that crazy,” Bonnie Bedelia’s character, Holly, quips at one point in the 90-second trailer.

And if you are hoping that Argyle’s famous closing New Year’s Eve quip makes it to the new Die Hard trailer cut, you are in luck. 20th Century Fox manages to include the line — but cuts it off just in time to still make the trailer family-friendly. The trailer also manages to avoid the dreaded not-safe-for-work tag, one that means you can’t safely view the clip while on your lunch break at work.

Alan Rickman’s iconic bad guy character, Hans Gruber, comes off as more of a “Scrooge” character than a “cold-blooded killer” in the new trailer. In addition, 20th Century Fox is billing Die Hard as “the greatest Christmas story ever told.”

As Fox News points out, there is another Die Hard movie in the works. McClane will star Bruce Willis — and is billed as a “partial prequel” to the original set of Die Hard movies.