‘Swimsuit Illustrated’s’ Haley Kalil Flashes Underboob & Red Panties In Risque Instagram Post

Haley Kalil attends 'Sports Illustrated' 2018 Sportsperson of the Year Awards Show on Tuesday, December 11, 2018.
John Sciulli / Getty Images

Haley Kalil’s latest Instagram post has fans riveted. The Swimsuit Illustrated model looked rather cool in a turtleneck, but has her followers all hot and bothered. Kalil proved that a turtleneck can be just as sexy as a bikini if you know how to pull it off.

Kalil wore a striped red and white turtleneck that clung to her bounteous curves. The model rolled up the sweater to reveal what she was packing underneath the winter closet essential. But the former Miss Minnesota was not wearing a bra, neither was she sporting a bikini. Kalil was nude underneath her turtleneck — and displayed some generous underboob in the photograph.

But the model’s long torso is definitely the focus of this Instagram photo. Kalil is as ripped and toned as only the wife of a footballer can be. Haley’s abs are strong and lean, and she showed off her envious tiny waist. Haley wears skimpy red bikini panties which match the vivid tones of the turtleneck.

The summa cum laude Bachelor of Science graduate wore natural make-up to complete her look. A barely-there nude lip, defined eyebrows, and some light blush was all it took to achieve a polished finish. Kalil wore her signature red hair loose, with a casual side part. The model leaned back and allowed her long tresses to flow down her back. Kalil posed against a wall, with her face soaking up the sun.


Haley Kalil has an ever-growing fan base. A month ago, the Inquisitr reported that the redhead had 82,000 fans. Today, the number has grown to 124,000 followers – 40,000 additional fans in one month. They weren’t shy with the compliments either. One fan wrote, “Lovely underboobs and nice wide hip structure,” while another commented, “You are very beautiful, I’m almost sure you should be a goddess.”

With a waist as miniscule as Kalil’s, many fans wonder about her diet. If you thought that Swimsuit Illustrated restricted their models, Kalil paints a different picture.

“They want you to be who you are. They don’t want you to be what is unachievable. You should be who you are! I could eat Taco Bell the day of my shoot and they would be just fine with it.”

In fact, the 26-year-old recently told Hollywood Life that she loves Taco Bell — and on her cheat day, she indulges her cravings.

“Bring it on! The chipotle chicken grillers and a cheese quesadilla… I am about it all day long!”

Haley Kalil’s wholesome authenticity continues to endear.