December 19, 2018
Donald Trump And Mike Pence Will Be Gone By Easter And Nancy Pelosi Will Be President, Florida Dem Predicts

Donald Trump and Mike Pence will only have a few more months in office before Nancy Pelosi takes over the White House, a Democratic congressional candidate predicts.

This week, Florida Democrat Pam Keith took to Twitter to predict that the Trump presidency is in its final weeks, saying she believes that both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are on the verge of being removed from office. In her statement, Keith also predicted that the rest of the Republican Party will be facing trouble as "half a dozen GOP Senators will be implicated in crimes."

She hinted that Nancy Pelosi --- who as incoming Speaker of the House would be third in line for the presidency --- will end up taking over the White House once the purge is complete.

Keith ran an unsuccessful primary for the state's U.S. Senate seat and had previously ran --- and lost --- for a Democratic congressional primary. She has gained a large following on Twitter in the meantime and frequently shares updates and thoughts on the ongoing Russia investigation and allegations of voter suppression against Republicans.

But she has also gotten some criticism for her hyper-partisan style. In an op-ed published on RealClearPolitics, Frank Miele wrote that Keith's statements decrying political polarization do not jive with her public statements, including a Tweet claiming that "the GOP deep down doesn't believe black people should be able to vote AT ALL!"

Keith did not say specifically how she believed that Trump and Pence would leave office, though her propensity for sharing developments about the Russia probe suggest that it is likely related. While Trump is reportedly under the microscope for actions believed to constitute obstruction of justice, Mike Pence has not been implicated in any direct wrongdoing.

There is believed to be potential trouble for Donald Trump beyond the Russia investigation. The prison sentence for his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, appeared to implicate Trump in the same scheme to cover up hush money payments to women claiming they had affairs with Trump. Legal experts believed that Donald Trump is very likely to face charges himself once he leaves office --- the Department of Justice is believed to have a policy of not indicting a sitting president --- but that would not be for at least two more years. As far as Pam Keith's prediction that both Trump and Pence will be out of office by Easter, it was not clear how that might happen.