‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Cameron’s Freaking Out And Kristina’s Butting Heads With Sam

William Lipton plays Cameron on 'General Hospital.'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s great stuff on the way with the episode set to air on Wednesday, December 19. Cameron got busted as he tried to buy drugs — and now he’s scared about what will happen next. Nina and Valentin are dancing around one another, and things will escalate on this front. Kristina is going to be frustrated with Sam, by the sounds of things.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis will step in to help Cameron as he sits at the PCPD, and he’ll be terrified that he might be going to jail. SheKnows Soaps reveals that Elizabeth is going to be furious during Wednesday’s show, and it’s pretty clear what it is that will have her hopping mad.

Franco was on the verge of gently telling Liz what he’d discovered about Cameron’s bad plan, but this situation is quickly spiraling out of control. Cameron may have truly meant well in wanting to help Oscar, but that doesn’t negate the trouble he’s in now.

Kristina was upset after misreading some signals from Valerie and planting a kiss on her — and it looks like this may lead to her being in a sour mood when she returns home. She’s currently living at Sam’s place, but she’s about to snap at her big sister, and perhaps drive a wedge in their relationship.

Sam has been doing her best to support her little sister as she tries to find some purpose in her life. General Hospital spoilers indicate that as Kristina returns home and fills Sam in on her latest woes, something will cause her to get upset. She will tell Sam that she makes things worse.

Fans feel pretty sure that Kristina, and perhaps Oscar, are soon going to be lured into whatever Daisy’s involved with — something that seems to resemble a cult. If Kristina sees Sam as someone who is overbearing and making things harder, she may turn to Daisy for some freedom. This is likely to be exactly what Daisy is trying to achieve.

Soap Central reveals that Kristina won’t pull any punches with Sam, and it seems likely that Sam will be somewhat taken aback by all of this. She’s already stressed trying to figure out who has connected her to the cons she ran in the past — and viewers are anxious to see how Daisy fits into this storyline.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, there’s also tensions brewing when it comes to Carly, Margaux, and Sonny. Carly sees trouble on the horizon, and she’ll open up to Jason. She will tell him that she won’t be forgiving her husband if he gets too close to Margaux.

Viewers have some Valentin and Nina action to look forward to in Wednesday’s show as well, as she’ll question him on his intentions — and he’ll try to convince her that he means no harm. These two do seem to be headed toward a reunion, but fans know there’s also heartbreak on the way for Nina, as the truth about his scheme with Sasha will eventually emerge.

General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be pretty exciting in the days ahead, and fans will not want to miss any of the drama that’s on the way.