December 19, 2018
Singer Mary Lambert Speaks Out About The 'Violent Sexual Abuse' Inflicted Upon Her By Her Dad

Singer Mary Lambert has bravely opened up about the violent sexual abuse she says she suffered as a young child.

Lambert claims her alleged abuser was her own father.

The 29-year-old from Seattle told People magazine that she was repeatedly raped by her father from the age of 2 until she turned 9. The Grammy-nominated artist claims the horrific abuse only stopped when her dad left the family home.

"I would have bruises on my body. Then I had yeast infections from 2 years old to until before my father left."
The singer, who can be heard on Macklemore's song "Same Love" from his album The Heist, kept her abuse secret. She only told her mother what she allegedly went through as an adult. Lambert says her only comfort through her darkest times was to immerse herself in music, play her keyboard, and sing.

"I just calmed myself down and knew there was somewhere I could put my sadness and pain," the musician says of writing songs.

But Lambert feels her traumatic experiences led her to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder at just 15-years-old. The "Wounded Animal" singer also revealed she attempted to commit suicide at the age of 17.

Then came even more heartache when at 18 she was brutally raped by three men.

"I don't know that I ever got over it," she says. "One night can drastically change the course of your life and change you as a person."

Today, Lambert is in a lesbian relationship with girlfriend Paige after coming out age 17.

Mary describes her sexuality as "queer." Along with her singing career, Mary is also a poet and her second book, Shame Is An Ocean I Swim Across, was released in October. The singer-songwriter speaks candidly in her book about her sexuality and is an advocate for body positivity and mental health issues.

"It's very autobiographical," Lambert told the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

She reveals that after she came out she struggled to reconcile her religion and her sexuality.

"I grew up Pentecostal — yes, the scary one," she laughs.

The singer says she joined an Evangelical church in high school and also attended two other churches. She would go to one church where she liked the sermon and another where she liked the music service. To this day, she still identifies as a Christian.

Meanwhile, Lambert has never identified her father and it is unclear whether he has ever been prosecuted.