Watch: Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon Give Tourists At 30 Rock A Huge Surprise

Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama discusses her forthcoming memoir titled, 'Becoming'
Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

Former first lady Michelle Obama stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show this week and the two had a blast together. During their time chatting they covered a lot of ground, but a highlight of Obama’s time during this appearance was when the two pulled some fun pranks on unsuspecting tour participants.

People shares the fun scoop on Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon’s pranks. They had it all set up that as tour groups visited 30 Rockefeller Center, they would stop on the wrong floor where Fallon and Obama happened to be waiting.

Each time that the elevator packed with unsuspecting fans stopped, Michelle and Jimmy had a different stunt planned. For the first group, Fallon and Obama were just casually reading one another’s books and they peeked at the tour guests as the elevator doors opened. Naturally, many of the folks on the elevator shrieked when they saw the former first lady and that was a common theme throughout the segment.

For other elevator stops, Jimmy and Michelle played the piano, jumped rope, had Obama hidden in a huge gift box, did a “magic” trick to reveal the former first lady, and even joked about getting onto the elevator with the rest of the group. In each case, those on the elevator were caught off-guard and excitedly stunned to see not only Fallon but Obama as well.

It was clear that many of the tour participants would have loved to reach out and give Obama a giant hug, but nobody was even given enough time to do that. By the looks of things, the tour guide and elevator operator were the same two guys in each case and there is no doubt they got some good laughs out of seeing each individual group’s responses.

At the end of the segment, Jimmy and Michelle gave a nod to the former first lady’s efforts to get people moving and making healthy life choices. He hopped on the elevator when it was empty while she suggested taking the stairs. She called him a wimp as the doors closed and he supposedly went back down without her.

There were plenty of responses to the video on Twitter when Fallon shared it via his personal account. Those who love Obama loved the video and many admitted that they would have freaked out if they’d been on that elevator. Many thought the bits were hilarious and adored the clip.

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama are clearly quite comfortable with one another and they always have a blast together when she stops by the Tonight Show. As the Inquisitr detailed earlier, the former first lady opened up about the family’s last day at the White House during this visit and her fans always love her sense of humor and openness when she does these kinds of interviews.