Meghan Markle Exposed, She’s Playing ‘Dangerous Game’ In Royal Family, Claims ‘The Sun’

Megan Markle is being taken to task by Prince Charles' biographer.
Victoria Jones / WPA Pool / Getty Images

Meghan Markle is allegedly playing a “dangerous game” in the royal family since she became an official member of the House of Windsor in May of 2017.

The “dangerous game” in question is leaving her father behind since marrying Prince Harry and not allowing her estranged father to be a part of her wedding and first pregnancy.

Prince Charles’ biographer, Robert Jobson, believes the Duchess of Sussex is “playing a dangerous game” and thinks Meghan should make attempts to reach out to her father, alleges The Sun.

Since the royal wedding in May, tensions between Thomas and Meghan have been fraught since Markle attempted to manipulate the media by staging photos of himself getting ready to attend the wedding, a move that was frowned on by his daughter.

Jobson, author of Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams, believes that the duchess will “regret not making contact” with her father, as he is allegedly not in the best of health.

Thomas Markle reportedly has heart issues.

“I believe Meghan is playing a dangerous game,” Jobson told Express. “When you still have both parents alive you have no idea what it will be like living without one or both of them.”

The royal expert also added Meghan’s father “sounded desperate” during his appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Jobson remarked, “The TV interview on ITV GMB certainly won’t heal the rift. I understand that many people who feel he is a sad and attention seeking figure.”

“He is not in the best of health and I would urge Meghan to make contact with him and to try and build bridges,” he suggested. “Once he is gone, any tears that will flow will be seen as crocodile tears. She will regret not making contact if something happens to him.”

Thomas Markle spoke to Express and noted that he “doesn’t understand” why Markle has completely cut him off.

“She has always been a very controlling person and that is part of her nature but she has never been rude,” he claimed. “The ghosting I don’t completely understand – she’s always been in charge, that’s her nature, but not been rude.”

“I’m very disappointed by it. Every day I try to text her, I just haven’t received anything back.”

E! News reported that Markle has had a particularly rocky first six months of press since becoming the Duchess of Sussex. This is largely in part to both Thomas Markle and her half-sister Samantha’s constant negative comments against her in the press.

The two have insisted, according to E!, that there’s “something rotten” stirring behind the palace gates.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child together in the spring of 2019.