Michelle Obama Tells Jimmy Fallon What She Actually Thought When She Left The White House: ‘Bye Felicia!’

Michelle Obama visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Michelle Obama extended her book tour and stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon set to discuss her new memoir, Becoming.

The former first lady talked about Donald Trump’s inauguration day, which was her and Barack Obama’s last day in the White House, and her reaction sure drew heavy laughter from the audience. When Fallon asked her what was going through her mind the moment the two of them waved at the crowds before boarding Air Force One for the last time, Michelle quickly fired a “Bye Felicia!” The popular slang phrase, commonly used by millennials, is typically used to say goodbye to someone or a situation you don’t particularly care about.

She also pulled a funny face when talking about the events that day, specifically of the moment first lady Melania Trump gave her an unexpected gift, consisting of a Tiffany’s box containing a “lovely frame,” as reported by the Washington Post. Michelle has often talked about how, toward the end of Barack’s presidency, she was glad to be stepping out of the role and return to a relatively normal life.

“A lot was going on that day. Right before that my daughters’ friends decided they needed a sleepover for the last day. I was like, ‘Are you guys kidding me?'” she said.

“We’re leaving. You gotta take all your stuff, pick it up. The blankets, the bears.’ They’re all crying, and it was like, ‘Get out. We’ve got to go.'” Michelle added.

The best-selling author also talked about how she remains optimistic despite the political challenges the world is facing, as she meets young people every day and prefers to pass on the idea that one should always be hopeful and strive for the best, rather than propagate a negative mindset.

“Everywhere I go, I get to see young people and we owe young people that optimism, that hope, because what’s the alternative?” she said.

“They come into this world with so much promise and so much openness and we’re the ones that shut them down.”

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon pulled a prank on tourists visiting 30 Rockefeller Plaza
The duo also pulled a few pranks on tourists visiting the NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

During her appearance on the Tonight Show, Michelle also teamed up with Jimmy to surprise New York City tourists who happened to be visiting NBC’s headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The two waited in the lobby of a random floor in the building and pulled pranks on the unsuspected visitors as they opened the elevator doors, jumping and screaming when they realized who was in front of them.