Donald Trump 'Acting Like A Nut,' Staff Fears Leaving Him 'Unsupervised' Over Holidays, 'Vanity Fair' Reports

With Donald Trump preparing to depart Washington for, as the Inquisitr reported, a 16-day vacation at his Palm beach, Florida. Mar-a-Lago resort, White House staff are looking with dread on the prospect of Trump being left "unsupervised" for more than two weeks, according to an alarming new report published online Tuesday.

The report by journalist Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair magazine quotes Trump aides expressing deep concerns because, one told Sherman, Trump "is acting like a nut." Of particular concern to the aides is the fact that Trump recently has been posting to his Twitter account at a furious pace, with 16 tweets in the last 16 hours as of Tuesday night, on topics ranging from the Mueller investigation, to new criminal justice reform legislation, to his desired "border wall," which he declared on Twitter will be constructed not from concrete but from "artistically designed steel slats."

"The staff is fed up, he's acting like a nut. They can't get him to stop tweeting," a former White House official told Sherman.

"West Wing officials, remembering previous sojourns, are on edge at the prospect of the president spending two weeks unsupervised," Sherman wrote. "As the Robert Mueller loop tightens around the president, his erratic behavior is causing alarm among his most senior staff."

Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Getty Images | Brendan Hoffman
Special Counsel Robert Mueller its closing in on Donald Trump, causing Trump to 'act like a nut,' a new report says.

Trump, however, has retained the ability to "compartmentalize," allowing him to appear relatively even-tempered, even "jovial" in public appearances, according to a Raw Story account. But at the same time, Trump is subject to mood swings to the point where his recently appointed Communications Director Bill Shine, a former top Fox News executive, has confided in friends that he has considered placing his Washington, D.C., apartment on a month-to-month lease — knowing that due to Trump's "yo yo" moods, he could be out of a job at any time.

The Vanity Fair report is far from the first to indicate Trump's troubled state of mind, largely due to the Mueller Russia investigation, which in the past month has seen Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to felony campaign finance crimes which prosecutors say Trump ordered him to commit. And on Tuesday, Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn at his sentencing hearing directly contradicted claims by Trump and his supporters that the FBI "entrapped" him, as the Inquisitr reported.

In November, Trump was said to be "preparing for the worst" in the Mueller investigation. "You can see it in Trump's body language all week long. There's something troubling him," an official close to Trump said, as the Inquisitr reported.