Yemeni Mom Gets Trump Travel Ban Waiver To Visit Her Dying Child In California

Shaima Swileh has received permission to see her two year old as he is taken off life support.

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban In 5-4 Decision
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Shaima Swileh has received permission to see her two year old as he is taken off life support.

Shaima Swileh received the long-awaited news today that she has received a waiver from the Trump travel ban to make the trip to the United States to say goodbye to her son who is on life support in Oakland, California. Swileh is currently in Cairo, Egypt getting the necessary visa to go see her toddler Abdullah Hassan who is dying of a rare brain disease.

NBC News says that Swileh has been hoping to join her husband, Ali Hassan, a U.S. citizen in California, but the Trump travel ban has prevented her from getting a visa to be with her family.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a nonpartisan advocacy group, took up the family’s cause this week and raised the alarm as the child’s condition worsened. On Tuesday, the State Department granted Swileh a waiver, according to a tweet from CAIR.

“Yemeni mother Shaima receives #MuslimBan visa waiver to see her dying child in a California hospital. We’re getting her here ASAP.”

CAIR added that Swileh should arrive at the San Fransisco airport tomorrow night to be reunited with her family. Ali Hassan thanked doctors and those who have supported the efforts to reunite mother and child, even if it’s just briefly.

“This will allow us to mourn with dignity.”

Hassan, an American citizen, traveled with young Abdullah from Cairo to the San Fransisco Bay area to seek treatment for his son’s genetic condition, but his wife, Swileh could not get a visa to join them due to the Trump travel ban.

Saad Sweilem, the lawyer for CAIR, expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support.

“We are so relieved that this mother will get to hold and kiss her son one last time. The public outpouring of support for this family was incredible.”

The Inquisitr reported yesterday that the family was losing hope that Swileh would be reunited with her son in time to say goodbye to the toddler who has been cared for at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland for the last five months.

The child’s father, Ali Hassan, commented yesterday that his wife just wanted to see Abdullah one more time to say goodbye and had hope that the U.S. State Department would come through with a visa in time.

“All she wishes is to hold his hand for the last time. f I could take him off the ventilator and to the airplane, I would take him to her. I would let her see him. But he won’t make it.”

The family learned this morning that Swileh would be able to make the trip to the U.S.