Starbucks Opens New Shop At Sea

Starbucks opens shop at sea

Starbucks, probably the most successful coffee retailer in the world, has opened shop at sea.

The sailors aboard the USS Boxer can now have a mocha or cappuccino anytime without leaving the ship.

According to the Southwest Riverside News Network, Lieutenant Commander Leon Quarles, the USS Boxer’s assistant supply officer states:

“I worked with Starbucks representatives and several contractors to put this all together. We took the basics of Starbucks marketing and applied those principles to the ship.”

Quarles said he wanted to provide the best quality coffee to the sailors at sea:

“so it’s one more thing they won’t miss.”

A Navy press release confirms that the menu features Starbucks favorites including signature coffee drinks, teas and smoothies. The cafe is run by the Navy, but Starbucks representatives helped make sure that the beverages taste like they would on land. According to the Huffington Post, Starbucks representatives helped to train crew members as baristas.

Logistics Specialist Seaman Thomas Rios, one of the officers being trained as a barista, said:

“I’m excited I was picked to work here. I think people will be more energized in the morning and look forward to going to the store before work.”

The new cafe is not Starbucks’ first time at sea. Starbucks also opened shop previously in the USS Carl Vinson’s onboard cafeteria, Chuckie’s Cafe. A video features it and several sailors, who say the famous coffee is “something to look forward to every day” and “a little bit of home,” posted below.

What do you think about Starbucks opening a new shop at sea aboard the USS Boxer?