Supermodel Bella Hadid Gets Tattooed By Donatella Versace While Rocking Skin-Tight Slinky Teal Dress

Bella Hadid appears in a sheer dress.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

World-renowned for her impossibly lean figure and her timeless beauty, American model Bella Hadid recently engaged in a bit of a daring plunge on Instagram when she dared to show the world her latest tattoo. In her most recent Instagram post, Bella can be seen seated opposite legendary designer Donatella Versace. An orchestral theme — Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” — is playing at a high volume throughout the footage, which shows both Bella Hadid and Donatella Versace looking very cool, collected, and stoic. Versace is dressed in a tight-fitting black ensemble, and clutches a tattoo machine in her left hand.

As the camera pans around the two, both of whom are seated with their arms resting on a raised stool, the audience can see that Bella is on the receiving end of a large Versace tattoo on her forearm. The signature buzzing noise of the tattoo machine is the only sound to break the classical music, though it does not break Bella’s composure.

Though it is likely temporary in nature rather than a permanent fixture on her forearm, the creative direction of the advertisement does little to dissuade the viewer of the import of what is going on. As the camera takes on a severe tilt, Bella fixes the lens with a smoldering glare, almost daring the fixture to come closer.

Flaunting her long, toned legs and her iconic hourglass figure, Bella is captured in a bright teal dress that leaves little to the imagination. The sateen finish fabric hugs every curve of her body, highlighting her prominent bust and flat stomach. A pair of strappy black stilettos can be seen cushioning the haute couture model’s feet, and chunky golden bangles adorn the wrist of the arm being worked on.

Bella’s signature chestnut tresses are pulled back into a rather severe ponytail, further flattening the fair model’s already flawless complexion. Famous for her ability to convey a fierce, strong femininity, Bella channels every bit of her facilities here. Accessorizing the somewhat space age look with elaborate silver earpieces, the camera concludes its journey on the Donatella Versace’s cursive script — her signature — and then to the company’s official logo.

Although it is highly unlikely that Bella Hadid would consent to a permanent tattoo on such a highly visible part of her body — thereby endangering her career as one of the world’s most highly sought after fashion and runway models — the substantial production value of the clip makes quite an impression.

Despite having been live for only about an hour, as of the writing of this article, the Bella Hadid and Donatella Versace collaboration has already racked up over 110,000 likes in addition to 700-plus comments, largely complimentary.