‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood Flaunts Full Booty In Thong Bikini As Snowflakes Melt All Over Her

Sara Underwood appears in a white top.
David Becker / Getty Images

Former Playboy playmate Sara Underwood has been on a hot streak lately, sharing provocative photographs to her Instagram account on what is essentially a daily basis. In her latest Instagram snapshot, however, it looks like the blonde bombshell is conjuring up a shivering mixture of both cold and hot temperatures as she takes in an outdoor hot spring.

In this particular image, Sara can be seen standing in an Icelandic hot spring, observing a meandering waterway nearby as snowflakes fall — and melt — upon her shoulders. The depth of the hot spring seems almost calculated to cup her cheeky backside, her natural curves visible just above the water line. Sara is wearing a zig-zag patterned two-piece bikini that leaves little to the imagination, accentuating her toned and muscular back and her hourglass silhouette all at once.

A hint of her bust can be seen in profile as she turns away from the camera to survey her surroundings. Her signature tawny tresses are styled in pigtails, bound in place with the assistance of a seemingly embroidered headband. A few strands of her hair, blown loose, add a candid quality to the proceedings.

The tips of her fingers rest lightly atop the still surface of the hot springs, probing their depths lightly.

With the geotag attached to the Instagram post reading simply Iceland — and Sara’s own caption lending credence to the fact that she is enjoying the nation’s famous hot springs — it looks like the model is having the time of her life. Sara seems to be endorsing the experience wholeheartedly, seemingly captivated by the commingling of cold and warmth that only a very few exotic locations can afford to their visitors.

Her legions of social media fans and followers certainly seemed to appreciate the steamy snapshot, showing it with over 61,000 likes and 300-plus comments in less than three hours of having gone live.

One user wrote, “Such a babe! Willing to sacrifice comfort and warmth for the arts!” while another quipped that Sara looked “Divine as always!”

Sara Jean Underwood is known for her high-profile work with Playboy, her long stint co-hosting the G4 vehicle Attack of the Show!, and for her sizable social media influence. Posting a picture nearly every single day — most recently chronicling an apparent world-tour road-trip with romantic interest Jacob Witzling via Instagram — it looks like the American model is having an absolute blast.

Her 9.2 million followers on the popular social media service are loving this frosty snapshot, and are excited to see what Sara will show off next.