‘Survivor: David Vs Goliath’ Spoilers: Season 37 Finale Drama: Rumors Of Cheating & A Proposal Swirl [Updated]

The final Season 27 castaways at a 'Survivor' Tribal Council

The Season 37 finale of Survivor: David Vs. Goliath is set to air Wednesday night on CBS and spoilers reveal that there is some chaos swirling ahead of that last show and live reunion special. In fact, the latest rumors that are making the rounds indicate that there are a couple of pretty significant things brewing that have producers working overtime to handle.

Heading into Wednesday’s pre-taped finale, there are still six castaways in the game. Two original “David” tribe members, Davie Rickenbacker and Nick Wilson, are still in the mix of things. There are also four “Goliath” tribe members still fighting for a spot at the final Tribal Council: Mike White, Kara Kay, Angelina Keeley, and Alison Raybould.

According to TMZ, one potentially exciting development is that there may be a live proposal taking place during Wednesday’s finale. The site says that producers received an email this past weekend noting that some changes would need to be made to accommodate this big event. Somebody plans to get down on one knee and propose to someone else.

Who is involved in this upcoming proposal? That much isn’t clear yet, and it doesn’t seem that it’s necessarily two Survivor castmates. As the outlet notes, Nick has a longtime girlfriend and they say that some think he may be planning to propose to his girlfriend on live television. There has also been talk about how Alec Merlino and Kara got into some trouble after filming by revealing they were a couple, so it’s possible this involves them.

After Alec and Kara got busted for breaking their non-disclosure agreements, it was said that Merlino was banned from the upcoming reunion show. However, there is now speculation swirling that he might have talked his way back onto the reunion by saying that he wanted to propose.

Of course, it’s possible that this supposed proposal involves someone not being speculated about at the moment.

Another potentially juicy tidbit comes via Twitter. The user account that provided some very interesting and very accurate Big Brother spoilers last summer is back with some Survivor spoilers. “REALvegas4sure” just revealed that one castaway who made it to the final three or four allegedly snuck some contraband into filming.

Supposedly, the show’s executives are scrambling and trying to figure out how to handle this scenario. The reports indicate that the smuggled contraband was found when the final three or four castaways were packing up during filming. However, it apparently wasn’t reported to producers until very recently.

So far, no details regarding what the contraband was, or which castaway is involved, has emerged.

However, executives are in a tough spot trying to decide how to handle this. The castaway could be disqualified, which could be a major issue if the person was one of the contestants in the final vote.

As Survivor fans know, the final vote was held as filming wrapped last spring and is kept secret until the live finale and reunion show. It seems the executives are considering doing a live re-vote, but that gets complicated because now the jury members have seen the season and their opinions will be significantly impacted by developments they wouldn’t have known about at the time of the original vote.

The spoiler account added that one of the castaways recently reported the infraction and supposedly production assistants have admitted that they knew about the contraband. Given that, assuming the person involved was one of the last castaways standing, things could get messy if the rule-breaking isn’t addressed.

As some commenters noted in the Twitter responses, it certainly sounds as if the person who won the majority of the votes may well be the same person who allegedly broke the rules by sneaking in something prohibited. If it’s not the same person, then it’s not necessarily a panic-worthy problem.

Other fans have pointed out that there is money involved for the finalists, not just the winner. So, anybody who makes it that far and cheated at some point could cause a lot of headaches for the production since others allegedly know about it.

How much of an impact will these rumors have on Wednesday night’s Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale? There’s already plenty of speculation swirling regarding who will win, but now with buzz about a possible cheating scandal and a potential proposal, fans will be dying to see what happens as it all airs on CBS.

Update: The latest from Twitter is that the person involved in the alleged contraband issue is a male, and that nothing will be done in regards to altering the votes to accommodate the supposed infraction. It sounds as if this probably won’t be revealed at all, although that isn’t known for sure. So, if a guy does win Wednesday night, Survivor spoiler fans will surely question whether it was fully earned or not.