Meghan Markle’s Half-Brother Thomas Jr Pleas With Duchess To Let Family Meet The Royal Baby

Meghan wears a gray jacket.
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The Markles have been outspoken recently, breaking weeks or months-long silence to express their feelings about their broken relationship with the famous duchess. In addition to Meghan’s dad Thomas going on TV and half-sister Samantha being as vocal as ever on Twitter, now half-brother Thomas Jr. is enjoying some time in the limelight. He pleaded with Meghan to mend the broken family relationship considering it’s Christmas and also asked her to let the Markles meet the royal baby when he or she is born, detailed E! News.

“I’d be really surprised if I got a call from Meghan at Christmas or a Christmas card, but that would be really nice. With everything that’s gone on for the last two years, I think the New Year is the perfect time for a new beginning for her, for the family—just to start over, start fresh and make some sort of contact, [and] definitely to let my father see his grandchild when it’s born. I would feel pretty honored if she opened up her door and invited the Markles in to see their new relative, the new baby. It would mean a lot.”

It’s hard to imagine what kind of problems the Markles might cause in the future after the royal baby is born if all of this drama is happening while Meghan is still pregnant.

Also, it’s difficult to know what kind of relationship Meghan had with Thomas Jr. before she married Prince Harry. The half-brother noted that he’ll be sending Meghan a Christmas card this year.

He’s not the only one using Christmas as leverage to try to convince Meghan to reach back out. Thomas Sr. described in depth during his latest interview about how he would receive loving messages from Meghan every year for the holidays, but that this year he’s probably not going to get one.

In the past, Thomas Jr. has also made headlines for writing letters to the queen. He’s believed to have asked the queen to give Thomas Sr. a royal title, and prior to that, told Harry that marrying Meghan would be the “worst mistake in royal history.” The half-brother also pleaded with the queen.

“Don’t let her die like Princess Diana.”

Meanwhile, half-sister Samantha is on Twitter making waves with her claims about Meghan, while she continues to defend her dad. She’s believed to be planning the release of her tell-all book this spring, which coincides with the expected birth of her royal niece.