‘Bachelor Nation’ Baby News: Peyton And Chris Lambton Welcome Their Second Baby

Peyton and Chris Lambton pose for a selfie.
Peyton Lambton / Instagram

Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton didn’t find love in front of reality television cameras via The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but the long-running franchise does get to take some credit for Peyton and Chris connecting, marrying, and now building a family together. The two welcomed their first child, daughter Lyla James, a couple of years ago — and a couple of days ago, they welcomed their second baby.

Chris, Peyton, and Lyla Lambton welcomed baby boy Hayes Jennings on Sunday morning this past weekend. Peyton shared the news via her Instagram page with an adorable set of photos of the family — and fans are thrilled to learn of their exciting news.

As word of the baby’s arrival spread, Chris shared a trio of photos via his Instagram page as well. He noted that both Peyton and Hayes are doing great, and that so far, it looks as if Lyla is pretty tickled to be a big sister. The couple confirmed to Us Weekly that Lyla is in love with her baby brother, and they noted that it’s adorable.

The Lambtons have been open about how they utilized IVF for Lyla, but Hayes came as a big surprise. As People notes, Chris and Peyton had been preparing to do IVF again to try to have a second child when they were stunned to learn she was already pregnant.

While Peyton had suspected that she might be having a boy with this second pregnancy, she and Chris chose not to find out their baby’s gender ahead of time with either Lyla or Hayes. Lambton did, however, share lots of baby bump updates, via her Instagram page, heading into their son’s arrival this past weekend.

As fans of the franchise know, Peyton first popped up when she was on Andy Baldwin’s Bachelor season in 2007. Peyton was left standing on the deck of the U.S.S. Midway after a two-on-one date where Baldwin kept eventual winner Tessa Horst over her, but she remained a favorite of fans after the season wrapped.

Chris was also a fan-favorite after he competed on Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette season in 2010. He was the runner-up to winner Roberto Martinez, and once the season wrapped, Chris and Ali signaled that there had never really been much of a romantic connection between them.

Peyton and Chris met via fellow “Bachelor Nation” veteran Jesse Beck, who arranged the opportunity for the two to connect at an event. They clicked — and they’ve been together ever since.

The Lambtons have done some reality television via HGTV, but mostly steer clear of Bachelor and Bachelorette stuff these days. Despite that, fans still love to follow along with how Peyton and Chris are doing, and everybody is thrilled to see that a healthy Hayes Jennings has officially arrived.