Nina Dobrev Flaunts Toned Abs, Shows Plenty Of Skin For Health Magazine

The actress also shared workout tips and discussed her move to comedic roles.

Nina Dobrev attending premiere of 'xXx': Return of Xander Cage.'
John Phillips / Getty Images

The actress also shared workout tips and discussed her move to comedic roles.

Nina Dobrev, best known for her trio of roles on The Vampire Diaries, is the January / February cover star of Women’s Health. The magazine showcases her enviable and toned abs in a revealing image that’s accompanied by the phrase “hot, happy, hilarious.”

According to Women’s Health, Dobrev spent a long time defining herself as “skinny fat.” The 29-year-old explained that getting older has made her “more conscious” of her dietary and workout choices. As a result, the actress is now proud to say that she finally has visible abs. Dobrev credits this physical change to her “workout cocktail.”

The “cocktail” in question includes a varied mix of options that keeps Nina Dobrev from getting bored — and also ensures that every part of her body gets challenged on a regular basis. Weight training, yoga, boxing, running, group classes, taking her dog Maverick for walks, and sitting in a steam room are all part of her recipe for success.

Nina Dobrev indicated that her new steady schedule is also partially responsible for helping her get into the best shape of her life. She is currently filming the first season of Fam for CBS, which not only marks her return to the small screen but also enables her to show off her comedic chops for the first time.

Dobrev was determined to land a comedy role, but she had a lot of trouble getting her foot in the door after spending several years on a teen drama. Just Jared Jr. reported that the actress prepared herself for her latest career shift by taking Improv 101 classes. With that experience under her belt, she was able to convince CBS to let her live her dream of starring in a comedy.

As she proved when she left The Vampire Diaries before the end of the show’s run, Dobrev isn’t afraid to make bold choices. Of course, avoiding these choices wouldn’t live up to her core principle of taking on new projects that feel terrifying. In that vein, her acting aspirations go much further than conquering the world of comedy. “I sort of want to do everything,” she told Women’s Health. This includes looking for future starring roles that vary from action to biopics.

The actress knows that keeping herself in shape is one of the best ways to ensure she’ll be able to make all of her dreams come true. That’s why Nina Dobrev can be found putting her varied workout routine to work no matter wherever she goes. For example, she recently posted pictures of herself snorkeling and doing yoga to Instagram.

Dobrev’s most recent Instagram Stories also show her love for movement, even during the Women’s Health photo-shoot. With her commitment to working out and living life to the fullest, it’s no wonder Nina Dobrev now has visible abs for the first time in her life.