‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Tuesday: Reed Learns He Hit Nikki

Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu)
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, December 18 brings terror to Genoa City as Nikki Newman’s children and loved ones find out she’s been the victim of a hit-and-run. Her grandson Reed is especially upset because he realizes she’s what he hit the night before during the blizzard.

Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) and Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) argued about telling Cane (Daniel Goddard) the truth about their evening out. Charlie griped about the dent in his car. Reed told Charlie to get some sleep and left. Then, Cane smelled beer on Charlie and made sure his son didn’t drive in that state. Cane worried that Charlie’s drinking had something to do with Lily’s (Christel Khalil) situation, but Charlie revealed that Shauna broke up with him. Later, Reed and Charlie texted about the events of the evening.

Meanwhile, Nate (Brooks Darnell) recognized Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) as the hit-and-run victim, and he urged her to keep on fighting.

Billy (Jason Thompson) discussed Victor’s (Eric Braeden) disappearance with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). He realized she was worried about Victor, and Victoria said that this type of disappearance is not at all like her old man — after all, he is neglecting Newman. Then, talk turned to Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), and Billy denied that he tried to hurt Phyllis with Victoria at the Jabot party. She complimented him for his Jabotiques idea as well as staying on the wagon and not gambling. Then, Victoria received a call about Nikki, and they left.

At Phyllis and Nick’s (Joshua Morrow), they discussed the successful Jabot party. Then, they toasted their success and ambition and celebrated in bed with a bit of grown-up time. Unfortunately, Nick received a call about Nikki, and they rushed off to the hospital.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) discussed his past with Phyllis with the woman he hopes is his future — Kerry (Alice Hunter). He explained the situation with Billy and Phyllis cheating and claimed to be over the entire thing. Kerry seemed agreeable to that, and they once again found themselves under the mistletoe. Then Billy texted Jack about Nikki, and they rushed to the hospital where Kerry learned that Jack was also married to Nikki, and she wondered how many wives he’s had and ended up leaving.

At the hospital, Jack provided support for Nick and Victoria as they waited to hear news of Nikki’s health. Nick lost it and demanded that the person responsible for their mother’s condition be arrested immediately. Nick asked Phyllis to get in touch with Summer (Hunter King). Later, Billy went to Victoria’s to relieve the babysitter, and he informed Reed about his grandmother’s condition. Soon Reed let Charlie know what happened, and that he’d hit Nikki the night before.

At the hospital, Nate updated Nick and Victoria about Nikki’s health. He said they removed her spleen and that she had a lot of alcohol in her system, which shocked them, according to Inquisitr.