Fitness Model Jen Selter Forced To Slow Down For Health Reasons, But Shares Fantastic Photo After Recovering

David BeckerGetty Images for iHeartMedia

The gorgeous Jen Selter rose to internet fame as an online fitness model thanks to her popularity on Instagram. Today, she has a whopping 12 million followers.

The 24-year-old has built a strong personal brand through social media. The New York City native has a passion for health and fitness, and just two years after launching her Instagram presence, she shot to fame with her transformation photos, particularly those that highlighted her derriere.

Every day, Jen posts on her many social media accounts and works with others who are seeking a healthier body and lifestyle. She also has Instagram endorsements with brands like Nike. But on December 10, the incredibly active Jen was sidelined thanks to a health issue.

Not all people wait until they are older adults to have their wisdom teeth removed. She shared on Twitter that she was not looking forward to undergoing the procedure.

“Not ready to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow,” she tweeted on December 9.

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the far back of the mouth. They are commonly removed for several reasons, particularly that they do not come in on their own. They can be trapped in the jawbone or gums and cause pain, and they also can knock visible teeth out of alignment if they remain buried in the gums. According to WebMD, some people’s mouths aren’t big enough to house the extra teeth, either.

The surgical procedure to remove wisdom teeth usually takes less than an hour. Anesthesia is commonly used by oral surgeons and while some people are fortunate enough to not have any pain after surgery, it’s normal to have swelling and discomfort for several days. In fact, a patient may need a few weeks to fully recover.

Jen shared on Instagram that she was “forced to slow down and recover.” She was “stuck in bed,” but it gave her the opportunity to “practice positive thinking and relaxation.”

“It’s easy to just feel bad for yourself, but when you start thinking about others and the world around, you start to feel gratitude. Gratitude for the people around you, for the opportunities in-front and behind you, and for just waking up in the morning. Find something to smile about, life is too short, you never know what tomorrow brings,” Jen wrote.

Jen shared a stunning photo of herself up and about after surgery, walking around with a beautiful landscape behind her. Of course, her best-known asset – her rear – is featured prominently in the photo. The nude-colored dress is spectacular and highlights how fit she is, even after being laid up for a while. Because she is in such incredible shape, her recovery from surgery likely was a snap. Hopefully, she’ll be back to feeling like her old self in no time!