Instagram Bombshell Natalie Gauvreau Goes Completely Nude Except For Twinkling Christmas Lights

Toronto-based Instagram model Natalie Gauvreau is no stranger to posting sexy, almost-nude photos of herself in racy poses. Her last snap, shared with 3.5 million followers, is no different. The blonde bombshell took to her Instagram account, sans clothing, to share a picture of herself wrapped up in twinkling Christmas lights.

She mused that she was decorating her tree when the incidental entanglement occurred. The Christmas lights -- and Gauvreau's long, blonde locks -- are the only things that are covering the model as she sits and stares down at the lights, dreamily.

The pose showed off the Canadian's trademark curves to great effect. The darkened image, highlighted only by the lights she wore around her voluptuous body, showcased her golden eye shadow and nude lip. As she held on to the string of lights, fans caught a glimpse of her red holiday nails.

Recently Gauvreau, who goes by the moniker "Sexy Nat G," made a splash with yet another sultry picture -- wearing nothing but an over-sized scarf and mittens in said image. She captioned that snap with "baby it's cold outside," and her fans gobbled up the shot, liking the post over 100,000 times. In that particular photo, the models chiseled abs are present, and her followers caught a glimpse of her curvaceous hips and thighs.

In another series of pictures, the model took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing nothing but a pair of gray underwear. Her hair covered her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination for her several admirers. She followed that popular post up with another sultry snapshot, this time wearing a baby blue lingerie set while overlooking the ocean on a beach-side balcony.

She then wowed fans yet again by posting an image of herself splayed on the couch while wearing a black-laced lingerie set. Her signature blond locks tumbled down about her neck and shoulders. She capped that look off with smokey eye shadow -- and a nude lip to highlight her pout.

The model also has appeared as an actress in several television shows. She's had roles on Nikita,Warehouse 13, and The L.A. Complex.

According to her website, Natalie Gauvreau has three sisters and two twin brothers. The Canadian native mused in her "about me" section that she was sent to the principal's office daily for violating the dress code. She also revealed that she has always been a little boy crazy, and that she finds herself really down to earth despite being a glamour model.