Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Reportedly Nicknamed After 'Friends' Characters By Staff, Per 'The Sun'

Royal staff are rumored to have nicknamed Meghan Markle "Duchess Difficult." That doesn't have the same ring as the newest rumored nickname by staff of Meghan and Prince Harry, which is "Monica and Chandler." According to The Sun, the nicknames reflect "her domineering persona and his likeable, but submissive attitude."

This is hardly the first time that we've heard staff complaining about Meghan, as one of the first complaints to come out into the open had to do with Markle's early-morning texts with ideas about her new role. At the same time, this new comparison between Meghan and Harry with one of the most iconic couples on TV comes at the heels of her dad Thomas' revealing interview with ITV on Good Morning Britain. He stated that Meghan has "always been controlling" but coupled that snarky remark by insisting that she was always "polite."

Of course, this is all speculation and rumors, and as usual, Meghan and Harry won't be able to speak out about how they feel about their new nicknames. Besides, Friends fans may argue that there's nothing inherently bad about being compared to Monica and Chandler. After all, the two were much-loved on the series, and their personalities complemented each others' very well.

There's also been new reports that Prince Harry won't be partaking in the annual Christmas tradition of going hunting, because Meghan doesn't believe in killing animals for sport. Some British media outlets are taking this opportunity to suggest that Meghan is making the rumored rift between Harry and William even worse. But whatever the case, Harry appears to understand why Meghan doesn't like hunting, and if he's decided to change his mind on the matter, there's not much anyone can do.

At the same time, it's all been speculation that there's a "rift" between Harry and William to begin with. Such rumors have come and gone numerous times, so it's possible that there's nothing going on at all.

One curious thing, however, is the couples' Christmas plans. At first, it was believed that Meghan and Harry would be spending the day apart from William and Kate. Later, there were reports that the "fab four" would be spending the day together. However, even after all that, The Sun noted that Meghan and Harry declined the invitation to stay with William and Kate at Anmer Hall. At this point, it seems hard to know what will happen on Christmas, so royal fans might have to wait until that day to find out what the couples decide to do.