Paris Hilton Dons Just Ribbons For A Christmas-Themed Instagram Post

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Paris Hilton is obviously feeling the holiday spirit as she shared a new Instagram photo of herself dressed up in just red ribbons. It’s hard to know if she actually wore the red ribbons for a photoshoot or whether it was Photoshopped. Regardless, Paris sat on her knees as she appeared to be inside a snow globe wearing a Santa hat and earrings. The backdrop showed a snowy, forested scene as her signature sparkles lit the scene. She captioned it “#SantaBaby.”

Fans sent their good wishes, letting her know that “YOU R BEAUTIFUL!! Love this!” and “that’s hot.” Others joked that “I need this snow globe,” and “I would buy 10 of this for my friends.”

Hilton’s Instagram Stories and other recent posts include tons of mentions of the American Meme, a new movie featuring her and other social media stars like Emily Ratajkowski, the Fat Jew, and Brittany Furlan. According to the short from the Tribeca Film Festival, “American Meme exposes the cost, including exhaustion, depression, and the inevitable backlash each has experienced from the media and from fans, that comes when these influencers attempt to turn their followings into empires.”

Paris’ second-newest post showed her in the centerpiece of the photo as tons of angels surround her holding phones and taking pictures of her. There’s a ring of stars around Paris’ head as she reminded fans that they can stream the movie on Netflix right now.

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#SantaBaby ✨✨❤️????????❤️✨✨

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Other recent posts include her posing with Dua Lipa, which included a series of photos of the two posing for a picture. Paris wore a black dress with lace accents, while Dua wore a shiny pink crop-top with orange and green fabric that laid across her midriff.

With that being said, it would seem that Hilton is a very busy lady. In fact, a couple of months ago, Paris opened up to Elle about all of her entrepreneurial pursuits. This is how she described what it was like to release her 24th fragrance.

“It makes me feel so happy and proud. As a little girl I always loved perfume, and I always imagined that one day I would have my own perfume, but I never realized it would be such a huge success. Now that I’m releasing my 24th. It’s just a dream come true.”

“My first perfume I got from my mother and it was called Joy [by Jean Patou]. It reminds me of my grandmother and my mom because they used to wear it, and that was their signature scent. My mom got me my very own bottle for Christmas. Now my mom only wears Paris Hilton. I am her signature scent,” she recounted.