Gizele Oliveira Goes Topless For ‘Angels’ Book By Russell James

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Victoria’s Secret model Gizele Oliveira went topless for Russell James’ newest edition of Angels, a limited-edition book that features some of the most popular VS models. The photographer gave fans a sneak peek into her photos in the book, as he described on Instagram what he remembers from the first time he met the model.

“When I first met @giizeleoliveira two years ago, I think my first question was ‘what’s your name?’ and my second was ‘can I please photograph you for my new Angels Limited Edition Book?’ She answered ‘Gisele’ and ‘yes’. Thanks so much, Gizele!”

The first photo was a close-up of Gizele’s face, whereas a second photo showed her leaning down at a 90-degree angle as her hair flowed down. She had her eyes closed, and she was likely topless. However, the photo only showed a peek of a part of her body. The third in the series was a short video that showed a page featuring Oliveira as she laid on her stomach and propped herself p with her arms. She was also topless in this photo, and her hair was slicked back in loose curls. Gizele appeared to be looking far away, as her curves were censored by a clever play with light and shadows.

Meanwhile, the model is keeping fans updated on her daily life through her Instagram page. Her newest selfies show her wearing a colorful Universal Studios Florida T-shirt, which featured E.T. The model noted that it was her “favorite t-shirt,” as she looked great with her hair down. She wore a little blush, pink lipstick, and mascara, along with silver earrings.

The post prior to that showed Gizele posing with her dog, both wearing matching jackets. Hers was poofy and large, with a black, white, and red plaid pattern. The dog’s jacket was mostly black. Oliveira wore dark lipstick and pulled her hair back in a half-up, half-down hairdo.

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Recently, the Brazilian model opened up to Rose Inc about some of her personal likes and daily routines. She revealed, “I like relaxing in the morning and having some time to myself, maybe scrolling through Instagram so I have enough time to wake up properly and do things without rushing.”

She obviously likes her apps, because she added that the first thing she reads in the mornings are “Probably my messages. I have at least three group chats on WhatsApp and they talk a lot.”

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