Jacob Young Teases Possible ‘General Hospital’ Return As Lucky Spencer, Admits It’s ‘Always Been On My Radar’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

General Hospital fans are always buzzing about the possibility of bringing off-screen characters back into the mix of things and the role of Lucky Spencer is often high up on people’s wish lists. Some viewers wondered if the show might consider bringing Lucky back once Jonathan Jackson wrapped his time with Nashville, but it looks like there’s another very real possibility when it comes to luring in a familiar face for the role.

Jacob Young took over for Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital back in 2000 and he played the role until he departed in 2003. When Young left, Greg Vaughan took over as Spencer until 2009 and Jackson has stepped back in as Lucky in appearances since then.

For the past several years, Young had been back on The Bold and the Beautiful playing Rick Forrester. However, he went off-contract a while back and has become something of a free agent since then. In fact, the latest Bold and Beautiful spoilers via the Inquisitr indicate that this week Maya and Lizzy will return to town from Paris, but they’ll be without Rick.

Spoilers reveal that this week, viewers will hear that Maya and Rick have separated. As Soap Central details, the actor has shared that he’s very sad that B&B has chosen to go this route with the popular pairing. However, it would seem to give a definitive answer regarding the show’s relationship with Young at this point.

This storyline development on B&B raises the question once again about where Young might land next, and ABC Soaps in Depth just talked with Jacob about the possibility of reprising the role of Lucky. It seems that the actor just might be open to it, and in fact he admits that he’s always had the possibility on his mind.

“It’s always been on my radar. Lucky was a really special time and of course, I won the Emmy for that role, so that’s always gonna stick out in my mind.”


Young went on to add that he’s “more than willing” to head back to General Hospital if they have stories for him since Bold and Beautiful seems to be moving their focus to other characters. However, GH fans probably shouldn’t get too excited about this possibility. The actor admitted that he doesn’t see himself committing to a contract at this point.

Obviously, this could be a great time to bring Lucky back to Port Charles. His mom Laura is struggling with her separation from Kevin while his sister Lulu is missing Dante and may soon face trouble with Ryan’s reign of terror in Port Charles as she works on an investigative piece on the anniversary of Ryan’s original spree.

In addition, as viewers have seen, Lucky’s son Aiden with Elizabeth is having an increasingly difficult time at school. Liz’s fiance Franco is doing his best to help, but Aiden just might need some support from his biological father at this point too.

Jacob has a new album, some television movies, and a YouTube talk show series keeping him busy, so he doesn’t feel he’s in the right place to commit to a long-term storyline at General Hospital or anyplace else. Young admits that it’s a struggle trying to determine the right path with these opportunities, but he says a short-term GH return is definitely possible.

“Yes, absolutely. And I’m totally open to that. I think Frank Valentini is aware of that, too.”

Should General Hospital tap Jacob Young for a short-term arc again as Lucky Spencer or should they just keep the character off-canvas for now? Stay tuned for additional spoilers to see what comes next for Liz, Franco, Aiden, and the rest of the family as they tackle these latest challenges and find out whether Lucky Spencer might breeze back into Port Charles to try to help.