Meghan Markle Tops List Of Most Googled People In 2018

Jack TaylorGetty Images

Popular search engine Google has released its annual report on what people are searching, and Meghan Markle has come out on top. The former Suits actress and Duchess of Sussex, who wed Prince Harry earlier this year, was the most searched person according to the popular search engine.

All of the top people on the list came with no small amount of controversy, which was a significant factor in their impressive search results. Markle’s marriage and subsequent pregnancy no doubt made her a hot topic for Google users this year — not to mention a flurry of royal rumors surrounding her relationship with Kate Middleton.

Singer Demi Lovato came in second on the list, after a long and at times challenging year. The Confident singer suffered a drug overdose and was hospitalized, drawing massive amounts of media attention on her road to recovery.

Lovato was followed by actor Sylvester Stallone who certainly had a busy year. Stallone appeared in Creed II, which has garnered rave reviews. He also announced the highly anticipated Rambo V: Last Blood which is due out in 2019 and will no doubt help him secure another spot on the list next year.

YouTube star Logan Paul was fourth on the list, in no small part due to the controversial video he posted back at the beginning of the year which saw him coming upon a dead body in the woods and making jokes about his discovery.

The Kardashian family made the list as well, with Khloe Kardashian trending as the fifth most searched person for 2018. Her rocky relationship with basketball star Tristan Thompson, as well as the birth of her first child True, kept people looking her up all year long.

In large part due to the Kardashian connection, Thompson topped the list of athletes people Googled in 2018. Sports were a big factor this year overall, with the top in searches and news both going to the World Cup.

Late DJ Avicii made the second spot in overall searches, followed by rapper Mac Miller, who also passed away this year. Marvel icon Stan Lee ranked fourth, with the critical and box-office smash film Black Panther rounding out the top five overall searches.

This marks the fifth year Google has released its search results, and the results have changed wildly since 2017. In fact, only one of the top people from 2017 made the list in 2018, and that was frontrunner Meghan Markle. Last year, the Duchess earned the second position, behind disgraced anchorman Matt Lauer.