‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Announces Break From Twitter: ‘It’s Like A Cesspool For Evil’

Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

On Sunday evening, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart announced that she’ll be taking a break from Twitter due to the negative comments she and her castmates have received in recent weeks. The 22-year-old star shared her thoughts in a series of Instagram Stories updates, according to E! News.

“Do people on Twitter ever get tired of being so negative and disrespectful to literally everyone and everything? Are they really that miserable?” the actress asked.

Reinhart went on to say that hate exists everywhere, but “especially Twitter.”

“It’s like a cesspool for evil 15-year-olds who don’t know what they’re talking about and have nothing better to do,” she said of the social media site.

She said that she would be going on a break from the site to get away from those who have attacked her relationship with Cole Sprouse as well as the CW series and its stars overall.

“Hate to break it to you online trolls: Spreading your hate and overall negativity online won’t make you any less miserable,” Reinhart concluded.

The actress’s Twitter account is still activated, and she hasn’t addressed the negative comments or replied directly to anyone on the platform. She is also still active on Instagram and Tumblr.

Back in August, Reinhart’s Twitter account was hacked. The hackers shared a nude photo that they claimed to be of the actress stolen from her iCloud account, but it was later discovered that the image was from a pornographic website dating back to 2012, Business Insider reported at the time. The hackers also reportedly tweeted and retweeted lists of accounts to follow.

Reinhart’s Snapchat account was hacked around the same time by the same group.

Her boyfriend, actor Cole Sprouse, who is also a regular on the CW series, had been hacked just two days prior.

In October, Reinhart’s co-star, Shannon Purser, shared a scripted kiss with Sprouse in an episode of Riverdale. Although the kiss was technically between the actors’ characters, Ethel and Jughead, Purser still received hateful comments on Twitter following the episode. Many called the actress “fat and ugly,” Cosmopolitan reported.

Purser did defend herself, stating on Twitter that the hate didn’t bother her because she knows she plays a character. However, Reinhart still jumped to her co-star’s side, writing on the social media site that she was embarrassed over the behavior of Riverdale fans.

“Shannon is my friend, and it is embarrassing that people felt the need to attack her personally for something that happened on a SHOW. Written by WRITERS. You are not a fan of mine if you treat my friend like this,” Reinhart said.